'Bachelor' Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell Are on a PDA Tour & It's All Our Fault

America, this is why we can't have nice things. After months of wishing that Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis would just disappear into thin air — also known as the only place where "it's okay" is a universally acceptable response to any and all prompts — we cannot escape the guy. Head to Duane Reade and he's on the cover of Us Weekly insisting he's not "the bad guy." Hop onto YouTube and he's made a strange video of girlfriend Nikki Ferrell. Scroll through Instagram and the dude's posting photo after photo of Season 18 winner. Now, "details" of their latest PDA-heavy date are all over the celeb news circuit and there's nothing we can do about it because we asked for this.

To our credit, this phenomenon couldn't be helped. After the insanity of The Bachelor finale, from Clare Crawley telling Mr. Besitos off, to his decision not to propose to Nikki, his rescinded "special surprise," and Chris Harrison's "DO YOU LOVE HER?" interrogation, it's no wonder Galavis and Ferrell are working so hard to prove they're happy. All anyone wants to prove is that they're falling apart at the seams and that because they defied the Bachelor's unspoken rules by refusing to play the After the Final Rose game, they're doomed.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The problem is that while we're all still riding the Juan Pablo hate train — and after the season we've just witnessed, it's hard not to be — we're fueling another monstrous vehicle: the Juan Pablo and Nikki Forever tour. So prepare for multitudes of sickeningly adorable photos like the one above because it's our rampant speculation and distrust of Galavis' integrity that's created a need for it. Hopefully it will die out soon, and God-willing, before Juan Pablo gets inspired to write another terrible love song on YouTube.