11 Ways To Wear Wigs, Inspired By Instagram Users Who Rock Them The Regular — PHOTOS

With celebrities changing their looks frequently and a constant stream of beautiful people wearing wigs on Instagram's discover page, dabbling in fake hair has never been more exciting. Every now and then it's fun to try out new shades and styles without risking any permanent change or damage to our own natural locks. Whether you've tried one on for Halloween or splashed out on a lace front to temporarily change your style, chances are you've tried a wig at least once — and some people make them part of their normal routine.

Although Kylie Jenner claims she "started" wigs, the history of the wig is said to have began as far back as the ancient Egyptian times. Additionally, Elizabeth I was rumored to own over a hundred wigs — in other words, she was kind of like the Kylie of the Golden Age.

If you are considering adding some new lengths, shapes, colors and textures to your noggin but are unsure as to whether or not they'll actually suit you, experimenting with fake hair in your every day look may be a good shout. Here are eleven fabulous Instagram users reminding us that a decent wig can fully amp up your style.

1. Nicole Jackson

Self proclaimed alien princess and beauty guru Nicole Jackson is a massive fan of fake hair and she even uploads the odd wig review to her eclectic YouTube channel. This Rapunzel-length black fading into blue wig is absolutely gorgeous but she has a handful of other great styles, too.

2. Shelly Fog

UK based Instagram user and proud mum Shelly Fog has been diagnosed with alopecia and can definitely teach us a thing or two about how to style out a decent wig. It goes without saying that she looks beautiful both wigged and without, but we love how she's kept this blonde number cool and casual with a simple plait.

3. Lee aka. Themelusina

Alternative angel Lee has a wig for just about any outfit and occasion. Whether she's sporting some lovely pastel locks to contrast against her all black outfit, or opting instead for a striking icy white shade, she looks positively amazing. This long semi-natural style with the cute little Miley buns is definitely adorable.

4. Natali Fikas

Stockholm superstar Natali Fikas may be going through a battle against leukemia right now but this incredibly strong cutie has a winning golden attitude and a smile on her face. Our Swedish inspiration also owns some extremely pretty wigs including this silky looking blonde piece which looks downright incredible.

5. Petra aka. Bangtsiktsiki

Not only is Petra the queen of perfect highlight, but she also has potentially the coolest wig collection that I've seen online. Longer cut styles seem to be her favorite but her selfies show a range of pretty much every color imaginable. This classic dark wig with the side swept bangs is totally chic and doesn't detract from showing off her impeccable makeup skills.

6. Patrick Starrr

Not to be confused with the cartoon starfish of Spongebob fame, the real life Patrick Starrr is a walking masterpiece and obviously an avid lover of wigs. Although we're more used to seeing him in majorly glamorous over the top styles, this cute and casual lilac do is perfect for an everyday look.

7. Jessika Palomo

Cool gray shades have been very on trend these past couple of years and make up lover Jessika Palomo completely nails it. The pastel pink undertones matched with her lipstick, nail color and eyeshadow adds tremendously to the overall effect.

8. Enola Jay

This off the shoulder look as worn by Instagram babe Enola Jay is made just that little bit more eye catching by the simple addition of this lush light blue cropped wig. The overgrown fringe combined with a matte nude lip and a dark smokey eye completes the '90s grunge vibe.

9. Alexandra Merino

Alexandra Merino's all pink and bleach blonde look gives total Barbie vibes, which is just one of the many different types of looks she shows on her Instagram account. Blondes might have more fun, but you don't have to reach for the bleach to get there.

10. Nancy aka. Nancydreamin

Pastel loving gal Nancy looks like an absolute dream with these long silver locks with contrast dark roots. Gray shades often fade out super fast so investing in a genuine looking wig may actually work out cheaper than splashing out on toner every week. Definitely a fashionably fab look for this spooky autumnal month.

11. Ash aka. Atleeeey

If you're into your YouTube and makeup videos then be sure to check out Atleeeey, who amps up her look with every new upload, cleverly matching her locks to her makeup and outfits. This subtle brown wig is a stark contrast to her usual bleached bob but still suits her style nonetheless.

Thanks to these wonderful wig lovers and their inspirational Instagram feeds, it's easy to see how a simple wig can totally spruce up your every day look and how easily they can be incorporated into your personal style. Definitely one to try when you're in need of a change but don't want to do anything too drastic.

Images: PatrickStarrr/Instagram