These 'Bach' Contestants Are Real Life BFFs

by Courtney Lindley

“I’m not here to make friends." At least one contestant utters this classic line during every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. And it makes sense, in a way: The franchise, which has now been on air for over 14 years, rests solely on the concept of romantic partnership (I mean, duh). That said, the success stories in that arena are few and far between. Usually, the final couple calls it quits before they head down the aisle. However, on the fringe of the show's main arc, something else goes on: Contestants form relationships with one another. Platonic ones. Yup, on a show that centers around the premise of finding romantic love, more often than not, friendships are found instead.

The contestants get to know each other through the time they spend together, sequestered in a house without media, or phones, or the outside world. They share bedrooms, and bathrooms, and clothes, and makeup, and even advice on how to get the lead's attention. It’s evident from anyone who's paying even the slightest amount of attention, that these people get close. Even when the producers focus on the girls or guys who don't get along, it's clear that for every rivalry, there at least a few true bonds forming elsewhere.

Below, see 18 Bachelor and Bachleorette contestants that have become best friends.

1. Lauren Bushnell & Amanda Stanton

These two met each other during Ben Higgins' season, and while Lauren ended up with the proposal at the end, she also walked away with a friendship.

2. Amanda Stanton & Emily + Haley Ferguson

Amanda and the Ferguson twins also got close during Ben's season, but you could really see the strength of their friendship on Bachelor in Paradise.

3. JoJo Fletcher & Becca Tilley

One look at either of their Instagrams, and it's clear that JoJo and Becca spend a lot of time together. Right from the get go during Ben's season, it was also clear that these two just got along and understood each other.

4. Andi Dorfman & Kelly Travisty

Andi and Kelly met during Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor and have remained close ever since. Now, the two share residence in New York.

5. Sharleen Joynt & Kelly Travisty

Sharleen and Kelly hit it off right away on Juan Pablo's season and have remained tight friends over the years.

6. Andi Dorfman & Sharleen Joynt

Through all the ups and downs Andi's experienced, Sharleen has always made it known she's there for Andi.

7. Jade Roper & Carly Waddell

Jade and Carly have one of the best friendship stories from the franchise. Since day one, these two have been attached at the hip, and thy seem to have a genuine bond and mutual adoration for one another.

8. Nick Viall & Ashley Iaconetti

Nick and Ashley didn't meet as competing contestants, but instead formed a bond outside of the show, sometime before Nick made an entrance on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season. In fact, during the initial Nick and Kaitlyn meeting, guess who was there supporting her "bro"? Ashley.

9. Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon

So sure, they didn't find love and couldn't make things work romantically — but Ashley and Jared have always been adamant about the fact that they are close friends.

10. Jen Saviano & Lauren Himle

Jen and Lauren met on Ben Higgins's season and then reunited for a bit on Bachelor in Paradise. Lauren has been outspoken about Jen's breakup with Nick and like a good friend, has defended Jen when necessary.

11. Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jillian Harris

Both Canadian. Both Bachelorettes. Both brunette. Both outspoken. These two had a lot of things in common, so naturally, they became homies outside of the show.

Friends can come in the most unlikely of places. Like, you know, on a reality competition show where everyone's competing to date the same person kind of places.