Carly & Jade's 'Bachelor' Friendship Is #Goals

Nothing says true friendship like inviting someone to be in your wedding party, which is exactly what Jade Roper did when she had Carly Waddell be her bridesmaid. The two friends met on The Bachelor when they both vied for Chris Soules' heart in Season 19. But, though they didn't leave the show with a fiancé, they did leave with a BFF. Their bond only grew when Jade moved out to Nashville after The Bachelor, which is also where Carly also lived. Then the two were cast on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 together, and their true friendship was sealed forever. So, it's not surprising that Carly joined Jade's wedding party when Jade married fellow BiP star Tanner Tolbert.

Carly did more than just stand next to her friend at the altar, though. Before ABC aired her wedding, Jade revealed on Twitter that Carly had written a song for Jade and Tanner's wedding, which is actually the sweetest thing I have ever heard. But, again, not surprising. I mean, these two were so close that, when Carly got dumped in Paradise, Jade criedforher. That's the magic of Bachelor Nation, guys. It brings people together — even if sometimes those people are just BFFs and not a romantic couple.

Though I'm sure Carly is sad that Jade moved away to Kansas City to be with Tanner, now, I'm glad to see the BiP buddies are still close enough to support each other on such a big day. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you #SquadGoals.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC