Kylie Jenner May Have Teased Her Next Fall Shade

by Augusta Statz

So far, I can say with confidence that the fall Kylie Lip Kits are amazing. And I haven’t even seen all of them yet. Before now, she'd only teased two of the shades set to drop in October. But, she’s told us that there are a total of four coming our way. Did Kylie Jenner just tease another fall Lip Kit? Welp, folks, this shade could very well make three.

The brand posted a photo with the caption, “Kylie giving us a little sneak peek of the October lip kits to come #pumpkin.” She’s sporting an orange lippie we haven't seen before on her pout in the photo, so the latest shade to be announced just might be called Pumpkin. This deep orange couldn’t be more fitting for the season. I know exactly what I want on my lips by the time Oct. 31 rolls around. Not to mention all of the PSL and Pumpkin lippie combos that would be in my near future! I seriously can't wait to find out if this is happening.

The other two fall shades she’s revealed are a berry lippie called Spice and a brown-orange colored lipstick that she’s yet to give us a name for. With those two also in the mix, these shades would make a killer line-up and will help you perfectly complete all of this season’s looks. Oct. 12 is when the first two shades will become available to shop, so perhaps this Pumpkin one and the final lip color could be available then, as well? The date can't get here soon enough.

I'm already in love with this shade.

This wouldn't be her first orange lippie, so I'd love to see it swatched next to 22 and Ginger for comparison.

Spice is also an incredible color for the season.

OK, so if there's already Pumpkin and Spice, could this brown one be called Latte? Come on Jenner. Make my dreams come true!

People are here for having a Pumpkin shade this fall, and I can't say I blame them!


Leave it to Jenner to come out with the most on-trend colors that are named after the biggest fall trend ever. It's not official, but I have a feeling she's hinting at something here. TBH, I hope I'm right!