How To Dress Like Hillary Clinton For Halloween

by Morgan Brinlee

Let's face it, originality is overrated. I mean, sure, you could show up to your Halloween party as the dress that broke the internet in 2015 (#blueandblack) or you could come in what will likely be one of the most popular political costumes of the year. Whether you're actually "with her" or just looking to don her trademark pantsuit in jest, there may be no better year to trick or treat as Clinton. With that in mind, here's how to dress like Clinton for Halloween.

While Clinton hasn't been able to shake her record-high unpopularity rating (though she is consistently found to be more popular than Republican nominee Donald Trump), she's undeniably one of the most recognizable people in America right now. That means you won't have to spend your Halloween night fending off pesky questions like, "what are you supposed to be?"

Another upshot to choosing to dress up as the first female presidential nominee of a major party for Halloween is that there are a lot of ways to go about putting together a Hillary Clinton Halloween costume. In fact, Clinton's campaign has even put together a few ideas to help you fashion a range of DIY Clinton costumes. But with a look as iconic as Clinton's — she's been wearing pantsuits for at least 10 years — there's no shortage of feasible ideas whatever your budget is.

The Pantsuit

Let's be real, this is the most important part of any Clinton Halloween costume. I mean, the pantsuit is going to make or break your costume, so it's well worth it to spend a bit of time hunting down the perfect one. While the designer and brand behind Clinton's pantsuit de jour isn't always revealed, she has been known to don suit separates and designs (like the crisp white number she accepted the Democratic nomination in) from Ralph Lauren.

But with plenty of power pantsuits and blazers crowding the racks at local secondhand shops, I see no reason to suggest dropping a few thousand dollars on a Halloween costume. When looking, keep in mind that Clinton often likes to go monochromatic and favors jackets, blazers, or tops that end at or below mid-thigh and feature a zipper or single row of buttons.

If you're unable to find something at your local thrift or consignment store, you can turn to eBay, online retailers, or chain department stores. There are more than a few budget-friendly options in a range of colors and styles on eBay.

This simple white one, for example, is perfect if you decide to go as Clinton circa her historic 2016 DNC moment. Pair it with a high-necked white tee, beige kitten heels, and these patriotic red, white, and blue star balloons.

I found this indigo blue pantsuit with shoulder pads and princess seams at Old Pueblo Traders and am not entirely convinced it isn't already hanging in Clinton's closet.

The Political Power Bob

However, no pantsuit, no matter how striking a color you choose or how padded the shoulders, is complete without an appropriate Clinton hairdo. Thankfully, there's help for those of us not already rocking (and too chicken to commit to) the blonde political power bob. There are a few different styles of Clinton wigs available at Spirit Halloween superstores as well as at Amazon.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Alternatively, you could also opt to don a Clinton mask or go the ultra budget-friendly route and simply carry Clinton's image on a stick.

The Scrunchie

Once you've worked out your political power bob, you might want to think about paying tribute to Scrunchiegate, aka the day in 2011 that then-Secretary of State Clinton paired her classic blue pantsuit with a white scrunchie and the media and her critics had a collective meltdown. If you're feeling especially sassy you can opt to take your hair tie to the next level with this Hillary Scrunchie. Choose from blue or white.

The Political Paraphernalia


Polish off your Clinton costume with a few well-chosen accessories to really complete the look. There's no shortage of options here — you can recreate Clinton's iconic "Texts from Hillary" look with dark sunglasses, a chunky gold brooch, and a Blackberry (I managed to find some cheap ones on eBay, but you could substitute the Blackberry with any cellphone or simply cut out a picture of a life-sized Blackberry and glue it to some cardboard or cardstock).

There's no shortage of Clinton campaign hats, buttons, and lapel pins available online or direct from Clinton. You can even snag a "woman card" for yourself or opt to finish your look with a mini-American flag.

However you decide to pull together your Clinton ensemble, you're sure to be an easily recognizable — but perhaps controversial — costume. Prepare for the haters by practicing your best political smile and brushing the dirt off your shoulders a la Benghazi Hearing Clinton.

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