Kim K Went Makeup Free At Paris Fashion Week

by Katharine McEntee

On Oct. 2, Kim Kardashian hit the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week wearing an off-the-shoulder trench coat, a pair of thigh high boots, and an unexpected pièce de résistance: a bare face. While Kim Kardashian's makeup free photo might come as surprise (especially after her recent live stream in which she showed off her heavily contoured and highlighted makeup routine) Kardashian kept us on our toes by showing up to the show without a single stitch of makeup.

Kardashian toyed with the idea of going sans makeup on Twitter beforehand. “Think I’m gonna wear no make up today to the Balenciaga show,” she tweeted.

She followed up on her thought and revealed her no makeup look in a Snapchat video before sharing an image on her Instagram and Twitter pages. Kardashian looked absolutely flawless, proving that whichever aesthetic she chooses, she always seems to nail it.

While debuting a close up of her makeup free face she said, “Balenciaga. No makeup today.”

It might be unlikely that Kardashian will pull an Alicia Keys and go sans makeup on the daily, it is a welcome new look for the person who helped make contouring and highlighting common practice. Bare-faced or completely done up, there's no denying that this queen looks amazing on the regular.

In 2014, Kardashian professed her love for makeup and skincare to Into the Gloss. She said, “I have so many friends who don’t wear makeup and hardly ever do their hair. I feel really blessed because I genuinely love the process of getting my hair and makeup done. Even beyond that, I just love to take care of my skin.” After her no makeup reveal at the Balenciaga fashion show, it's pretty clear that Kardashian's love for skincare is paying off, because even sans contour and highlight she looks absolutely flawless.

Whether it's lingerie as a top, a super defined brow, or zero ounces of makeup, Kardashian proved yet again that she can rock just about any look. Here's to hoping she releases a live stream of her skincare routine, because her makeup look is #goals.