The Australian Cult Fave You Need To Try

by Rachel Nussbaum

Land of sea, wind and surf, Australia knows their game when it comes to skincare. Which is why we're beyond psyched that UGG country's best-selling Lano lipbalm just launched in Ulta — the cult-favorite Original 101 Ointment and new Lips 101 Ointment Strawberry Multi-Balm are now infinitely easier to get, no shipping from The Outback necessary.

A pure lanolin blend (the name 100 percent makes sense), the ointments' molecular structure "closely resembles and mimics your own skin oils," according to founder Kirsten Carriol, who learned the quintessential science from her DNA scientist father as a child on her grandfather's farm (no coloring here). Little Bo Peep went chemistry: Lanolin keeps sheeps' wool protected and dry throughout the year, and it's the byproduct (glam) of wool washing. But in the face of the often mega-expensive caviar and gold beauty products on the market, I'll gladly take a cheaper alternative — and at $13.50 for the new Lips 101 Ointment Strawberry Multi-Balm, comparisons to BITE's doubly-expensive Agave Lip Mask get the blood pumping.

Also intriguing is the inclusion of strawberry fruit oil — the extract is full of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which should perk up the ears of any SkincareAddiction lurker. A chemical exfoliant that essentially loosens the upper layers of skin, it's more often found in toners and peel pads than products for lips.

Combined with lanolin, which holds 200 percent of its weight in moisture, that's like a one-two punch for the skin there, in a good way. Slough off the bad, amp up the good, and you're all set. Fans of Vaseline, take note — where petroleum jelly creates a sealing barrier that keeps moisture in, lanolin is semi-occlusive and semi-permeable, so lanolin's inherent moisture can still get in.

One hundred percent natural and animal cruelty-free, Alicia Keys' makeup artist name-dropped the balm in a recent interview. It doesn't get more "seal of approval" than that, and in our constant quest to be more Alicia Keys, this Ulta-coming is no small news.

Lano Lips 101 Ointment Strawberry Multi-Balm, $13.50,

No word on whether it comes with an Australian accent and/or affability, but it also doesn't say it doesn't, so.

Images: Courtesy Brands