18 Things That Sneak Up On You In Your Mid-20s

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I have come to gage time by milestones — weekends, holidays, changing seasons, television show premieres. Those elements have all been markers of time passing for yours truly. And as I entered my post-college years, I realized that many aspects of my life have drastically changed. Certain things just sneak up on you in your mid-20s like that.

Firstly, I noticed that my body was changing. My digestion and ability to bounce back from unhealthy foods was totally shot. So long to the days where I could polish off an entire pizza and stay off the toilet. Now it's all about moderation. My skin is also different. I used to never break out in my teens, but have found that acne really loves to pop up after I wear makeup these days. Also, I noticed that my priorities are completely different now that I'm in my mid-20s. I care more about filing my taxes than going out. I get excited over my savings account rather than a new pair of shoes. I also try much harder to call my parents every day because I miss them.

My experiences are far from singular, as evidenced by this Reddit thread that posed the question "What sneaks up on you in your mid-20s?" to everyone on the internet. The responses the post got really put into perspective that we are all going through something together. Reading through the comments was like a stroll inside of my own brain! Here are some things that many people in their mid-20's say sneak up on them.

1. No More Playing Around

Being an adult means that you are now playing for real and not just pretending to be grown up. There are no safety nets to catch you if you fail miserably.

I mean ... you hopefully have a good relationship with your mom and dad, but they can't keep bailing you out.

2. You Friends Become Essential To Survival

Your friends will become your family. They will start going through the same things you go through and help you catch your breath. They can set examples of what to do, or what not to do. Some will also pass. That's something no one is prepared for.

3. Good Bowel Movements

This one is too real. If your body is doing its thing, you will be really happy.

I never though that regular toilet appointments would make me as joyfully content as they do.

4. You Become An Active Achiever

You'll learn that people stop just handing you things on a silver platter after you get older. You have to start making your own path and trying to make things happen. The older you get, the better you get at putting yourself into the right situations. You have an active role in your future.

5. Career Search

When people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you gave them an answer.

As you get into your 20s, you realize that you actually have to pick a career at some point. It becomes harder and harder to just say what you want to be. The search is on.

6. Having Children Has A Timer

Everyone will start telling you to have children — especially if you are a woman.

7. Birthdays Aren't A Big Deal

After your 21st birthday, all birthdays blur together.

They aren't really milestones as much as they are countdown clocks.

8. You Have To Get Insurance

You'll age out of your parents coverage in the near future. How did this happen? Weren't you always supposed to go to your regular doctor for the rest of your life? Unfortunately, you will need to cover yourself.

9. You Feel More Confident In Yourself

As you get older and learn more about yourself as a person, you'll become more confident. As Lady Gaga would say: you marry the night.

You will decide that your bad qualities and mistakes are a part of you and you'll move on. Plus, your regular hangups won't seem as daunting.

10. Facebook Will Tell You All About Your Friends

Facebook will start to define milestones because you'll see other people posting about theirs. In this day and age, keeping tabs has never been easier.

11. People Will Start Getting Into Relationships

You never imagined that your friends who #raged on the weekends are now going to cooking classes and talking about moving in with someone.

12. Doing Boring Stuff Will Actually Be Fun

While you used to think that farmer's markets and fairs were boring, you'll start to really like them as an adult.

Your tastes will mature and you'll want to do more things that are calm, cool, and collected over insane nights out. You'll look forward to laundry day.

13. Making Friends Gets Harder

People will become more guarded and set in their ways. Making friends gets harder the older you get, because people have already established their group of friends. Why share yourself with strangers when you have your best friends picked out already?

14. Your Body Will Change

You'll start to look more like your parents.

You'll get wrinkles. You'll get laugh lines. You'll find out you actually don't mind it one bit.

15. You'll Start To Feel Old Around Young People

You'll start to see that you cannot hang out with young people. It just feels weird. I remember going to a college party recently and thinking that I totally stuck out like a sore thumb. My friends and I ended up talking about politics in the corner.

16. Hangovers Are The Worst

Your body will have a harder time bouncing back from bad hangovers.

It's the worst! You used to go out, party, and do it all over again the next night. Now you have to pick a night and stick to it. Plus give yourself a few days of recovery.

17. Your Hair Turns Grey

Your hair will turn gray. Maybe not in your mid-20s like this Redditor, but someday, for sure.

18. You'll Never Feel Like An Adult

Even though everyone around you will make you feel like you are an adult, the truth is that you are always going to feel like a kid.

No worries, guys. If anything, this just proves what we all secretly knew — no one has everything figured out yet!

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