The NYX <3's LA Eyeshadow Collection Is Bae

NYX Cosmetics has long been a provider of incredible, affordable makeup. Whether it's beauty junkies who swear by the brand or others searching for alternatives for expensive products, NYX is a major go-to. The new NYX <3's LA Eyeshadow Collection is no different, proving that this brand isn't just for those looking for high-end dupes. The Los Angeles based company is giving its home city some love and giving its customers some seriously well priced eyeshadows.

Affordability has always been one of the brands's biggest assets. Their low prices paired with the high quality of products make it nearly unbeatable in the drugstore market. Things aren't changing now that the brand is releasing yet another collection. Inside the NYX <3's LA Eyeshadow collection, you'll find twelve eyeshadow shades, each named after different areas of Los Angeles. At the current retail price of $25, the shadow singles are way too good to pass up, especially considering that it's just in time for the holiday season.

This isn't the brand's first set, though. NYX announced and launched its Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault in September, and fans were obviously stoked about getting a whopping 36 mini lip creams for only $64. They're only $2 each, and in a fun twist, that's exactly how much the new NYX <3s LA Eyeshadow Vault's shades will run you.

According to NYX cosmetics representatives, the collection will launch this week on NYX's website and, just in time for the holidays. That's the great thing about any cosmetic collection — you can give the entire set or gift each individual piece to all of your friends.

With a price this low, it's also bound to sell out. Keep your eyes peeled online because the NYX <3s LA Eyeshadow collection will probably be gone quick.

Images: NYX