If Relationships Were Actually Like The Movies

As pretty much everyone knows, relationships in the movies don't reflect real life relationships. Meet cutes, witty banter and dramatic reunions aren't nearly as straightforward as Hollywood would have you believe. Our most heartbreaking moments aren't accompanied by schmaltzy piano ballads, and a thunderstorm isn't waiting in the wings after a brutal break up to really rub it in. And, as some folks learn the hard way, canceling your wedding last minute to elope with the one that got away has very real consequences.

The other core difference between cinematic couples and IRL ones is definitely the sex. Bathtub or hot tub or ocean sex is never as simple as it looks — in fact, it can be downright painful because water is never and will never be a sexual lubricant. Sex in the movies is also amazing or bad, thrilling or totally boring, not that middling kind of satisfying yet not mind blowing that's often the stuff of long-term relationships.

If you've ever wondered how your relationship might be different if it followed the plot line of rom-com — or a thriller — a new BuzzFeed video offers a glimpse of the fantasy. Here's what couples would be like if they lived in a Hollywood film:

1. Your Meeting Would Be Uber Romantic

True romance always begins in a powerful way: you might find yourself seated across from your future lover on an overnight train to Paris, or spy them through a fish tank at the aquarium.

2. You Would Immediately Know They Were "The One"

Who needs to think about it or get to know someone over time? Within seconds, your body and brain will signal to you when you've met the one.

3. Every Moment Would Be Domestic Bliss

Even a normal night in watching TV is actually like a glorious, six hour orgasm of love and affection, and your matching sweatpants inspire unquenchable lust in one another.

4. Your Fights Would Be Epic

When you're not being perfectly in love, you have perfect fights of epic proportions: plate throwing, screaming, and maybe even light sabers might make an appearance.

5. You'll Always Make Up And Be More In Love Than Ever

Every over-the-top fight is just another excuse for a romantic make up — who wouldn't want to disagree?

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube