17 Funny Halloween Decoration Ideas For 2016

by Dasha Fayvinova

The spookiest of all holidays is approaching. If you plan on throwing a party, you might want to look into some funny Halloween decorations for your home. After all, just because it's a scary occasion doesn't mean we can't have a chuckle or two.

Obviously, the first thing you'll need to do is figure out your costume situation. As the host or attendee of a Halloween party, it would be truly in poor taste to show up without some dope get-up. You can go for the ever popular Pokemon Halloween costumes this year — a lot of people will appreciate that choice. But, if you're anything like me and wait until the very last minute to make up your mind, there are plenty of funny last minute Halloween costumes to choose from.

But the main thing to focus on as a host of a Halloween party or even as a Halloween enthusiast is, of course, decorations. Your house can be a spooky graveyard or a creepy funhouse — as long as you put your very own spin on it, people will appreciate the effort. So start looking for quirky and fun items online and in stores. This month will be the holy grail for any Halloween-related items. Almost all major retailers will have some kind of Halloween department you can check out. But if you are looking to save some money, you will want to research online. That way you can compare prices, and if you time it out correctly, have them delivered in advance. Here are just a few funny Halloween decorations to get you started!

Personalized Tomb Stone

I'd personalize it to say "Here lies Dasha's hopes and dreams" in homage to Squidward.

Cost: $40.20

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Skeleton Bathroom Sticker

This can go on your bathroom door. Now your guests won't need you to direct them to the bathroom — you can just tell them to head for the pooping skeleton.

Cost: $5.17

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Witch Door Decoration

Dorothy isn't the only one who can get her kicks from squishing witches. Hang this on your front door or somewhere around the house.

Cost: $13.75

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Alcohol Blood Bags

Your friends will get a kick out of these awesome party decorations. Fill them up with different mixers or alcoholic beverages and let people get at them. Just make sure to replenish the supply often. I have a feeling they will go fast.

Cost: $19.99

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Zombie Bottle Holder

This made me giggle. As a wine drinker I always look for an excuse to buy things that will make my wine experience better. This Halloween-themed wine holder is going to do the trick. Also ... the fact that a zombie is drinking it makes me laugh even harder.

Cost: $19.43

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Bloody Toilet Paper

You guests might be a little freaked out by this decoration, but hey, it's Halloween. Bloody toilet paper is to be expected.

Cost: $8.55

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

"Witch Parking Only" Sign

If your party is on a bigger scale, or you just want to make your friends and family feel like VIPs, these signs can help.

Cost: $5.95

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Kitchen Magnets

Most people hand out by the fridge at parties. That is a fact. You can put some cool movable magnets on it so that they aren't just standing there waiting for food to come into their mouths.

Cost: $9.98

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Lawn Gnome

If you have lawn gnomes and want to switch things up, why not try this prince of fear on for size? This guy used to scare me when I was younger, but now seeing him in such a small size makes me laugh.

Cost: $34.24

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Bloody Bathmat

Your bathroom cannot get enough Halloween decorations. You can combine this with the bloody toilet paper to really set a theme.

Cost: $12.49

Where You Can Purchase: Amazon

Spooky Cup

Make someone a nice cup of hot cocoa. Let them finish it. Tell them to look back inside. Watch their faces light up in amusement (or horror?). You are welcome.

Cost: $20.10

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Funny Picture Frame

If your friends are fans of the amazing show Parks and Recreations, they will really enjoy this poster. Heck, even if they have never seen the show they can get a kick out of it.

Cost: $6.70

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Danger Sign

Tricky, tricky! I hate zombies, but this sign implying they are smart enough to trick you into getting eaten is amusing to say the least.

Cost: $7.91

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Spooky Towels

Cute, funny, and spooky. You will check off all the boxes with this purchase.

Cost: $14.67

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Scary Puns

A good pun can go a long way. I personally really like this one, because if you actually have something scary planned, you won't ruin the surprise right away. You can just have your guests follow the signs until they stumble on your creation.

Cost: $4.02

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Do Not Disturb

A twist on the 'do not disturb' sign that will help with both trick-or-treaters and guests alike.

Cost: $6.70

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Poison Spoon

Serve people sugar with one of these bad boys and watch people's expressions change into a smile. It's all about those small details.

Cost: 24.12

Where You Can Purchase: Etsy

Images: Courtesy of Brands; NBC