‘The Bachelor’s Renee Oteri Is Married! Juan Pablo & Nikki Should Be Pretty Jealous Right Now — PHOTOS

Renee Oteri might not have made it to the end of The Bachelor, but her new relationship is moving along at Bachelor speed. Renee Oteri got married! And she looks super happy and not awkward as though she loves a man who won't admit to loving her on a reunion show! Ahem, Nikki and Juan Pablo, things aren't looking so good right now are they? But hooray Renee! It was only three weeks ago that Renee revealed she was engaged and even that seemed shockingly fast considering the show was still airing.

The lucky guy is Renee's longtime friend Bracy Maynard. She's known him since she was 12 and he was her first kiss. Also, Renee and Bracy dated before she was on The Bachelor during a long distance relationship in 2010. Basically, this isn't some post-Bachelor stress wedding, she really knows this guy.

I guess sometimes it takes going on a televised dating show to realize that what you want has been there all along. It looks like Renee really took this idea to heart because she didn't waste any time getting married. The best thing about this is that it's all so different from The Bachelor. She's known the Bracy forever and the wedding was totally simple. In fact, Renee appears to have gotten married at city hall.

Renee posted a few photos of her wedding day to Instagram and she looks overjoyed. Plus, there's a very cute pic of her tiny best man.

Congrats Renee! We all knew you didn't need that show!

Renee wrote of this photo, "...and THAT just happened! I married my best friend of 22 years!" So cute!

"And our best man is out like a light:)"

Images: Renee Oteri/Instagram