Late Night Hosts Shouldn't Mock Kim's Robbery

by Nicole Pomarico

As soon as I heard that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in France on Monday, I had a feeling that the internet masses would have a lot to say about it. Let's face it: anytime Kardashian does anything, there are people waiting to make fun of her for it, good or bad. And unfortunately, being attacked in the middle of the night in a foreign country is no exception to that rule, and this time, it wasn't all memes and Twitter jokes. Late night hosts mocked Kardashian's robbery, too, and it was incredibly disappointing, to say the least.

Let me preface this by saying that I am the queen of inappropriate jokes. In serious or unusual circumstances, I am the first person to make the situation even more awkward by joking about it. But a woman reportedly being locked in a bathroom as attackers dressed as police steal millions of dollars of her belongings? Kardashian doesn't deserve to have her tragedy made into a joke, and I'm pretty bummed out to see that some of my favorite comedians don't agree. First up, we have Jimmy Kimmel, who managed to make light of the incident and insult her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, all at the same time:

Nothing Kimmel said was that insulting; it was more that he went there at all. The back half of 2016 is already supplying more than enough material for comedy — the election alone should keep late night show monologue jokes running for the rest of the year. It just wasn't necessary to turn Kardashian's horrifying ordeal into fodder for Kimmel's audience. She might be a reality star, but she's also a person who's gone through something scary and awful.

But wait. It gets worse. Conan O'Brien took the jokes to the next level, adding sex to the mix. Yep, this is real. Kardashian gets attacked and robbed and somehow, that opens the door to comment on her sex life for laughs. According to E!, O'Brien said, "No one was hurt, but in a mansion in Paris, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint. Kim was bound and gagged — then the robbers broke in."

Not OK, O'Brien — not OK at all. This one crosses so many lines that I can't even count them all. This joke wouldn't be appropriate or funny even if Kardashian hadn't been robbed, and it's really not funny now that she has. And what's just as bad? The more other women witness this kind of response to Kardashian's attack, the less seriously they'll believe they'll be taken if something bad happens to them. That's the wrong example to be setting at a time like this.

Fortunately, there is one hero in this story, and his name is James Corden. On his show Monday night, guest Jamie Lee Curtis commented on what a shame it was that everyone has taken this opportunity to kick her when she's down.

Forget that Kardashian is a reality star. Forget everything you think you know about her, and focus on this simple statement: She's the mother of two small children who was woken up in the middle of the night and assaulted. I can't imagine how I'd feel in that situation, and I can't begin to understand how it has made her feel. And even though she does open up her life to her fans, it doesn't give anyone the right to provide commentary on something horrible that happened to her. It's not just offensive, it's mean — and it's totally uncalled for.

The robbery may be over, but Kardashian is still missing valuable items that I assume were pretty important to her, including her engagement ring. This ordeal is going to affect her for a long time, so the jokes can stop now. Hopefully, Kardashian can heal from this incident in as much peace as possible, and until then, she deserves support and understanding.