These Smoothies Double As Excellent Face Masks

At last, paradise has been found: smoothie face masks — berry lovers and beauty fanatics, get ready to eat your heart out. I can't deny that there is something especially satisfying about the idea of slathering a smoothie mix on your face. I mean, it is edible skin goodness, after all. Not only are fruits the key to a radiant, healthy complexion, but you can double as both chef and beautician right at home with DIY smoothie face masks.

If avocado is already your religion (because um, hello, avo toast), you'll be glad to know that avocado also contains plenty of skin benefits — namely, moisturizing properties. Ever wanted to dip your pores in an avocado face mask? We've got you covered. How about papaya, a tropical favorite that also exfoliates those dead skin cells? Or you can make John Stamos and your Jamba Juice barista proud and combine Greek yogurt with strawberries and pineapple to soothe and brighten skin.

Whether you are after glowing skin, something acne-fighting, or a balanced complexion, these three recipes have got you covered. And don't hesitate to get creative with your smoothie-crafting skills!

Time to get blending.