10 Tips For Reading More Everyday

by Sadie Trombetta

Emma Watson has her own book club, Bill Gates reads at least 50 books per year while Agatha Christie was known for reading up to 200, President Roosevelt read a book every day — all the most successful people in the world were voracious readers, but with life's ever increasing to-do list, it's nearly impossible to fit everything you should be doing in one day. There are, however, plenty of tips to help you read more everyday, because if there's one habit to make time for, it's getting your nose stuck in a book.

Reading has an almost innumerable amount of benefits. Not only is it a relaxing and entertaining pastime, but reading has also been scientifically proven to be good for you.But between work, family obligations, social life, and all of the Netflix binging, it's hard to find time to get through all of your obligations, let alone get through your To Be Read pile Luckily, there are tons of simple tips you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you get through more books every day.

Take it from someone who reads for a living: here are 10 tips for reading more books.

1. Schedule reading time.

You schedule when you're going to take a class at the gym, when you're going to meet friends for drinks, when you're going to go to the doctors, so why not schedule time for reading? When you have something penciled into your schedule, you're more likely to actually do it because you have the time and expectation to do it. Making reading park of your daily routine is the best way to start reading more books, more regularly.

2. Download books on your phone.

How many hours a day do you spend scrolling through your phone, whether it be social media, your inbox, or news websites? That's what I thought. Instead of looking at pictures from 64 weeks ago, download a book on your phone — there are dozens of apps, free and paid — and spend your scrolling time actually reading something, not just staring blankly at the screen.

3. Listen to audiobooks.

Driving in the car, riding the train, shopping at the grocery store, working out at the gym — there are dozens of situations that are perfect for multitasking with the help of an audiobook. If you don't have time to sit still and read, you can certainly find time to move and listen.

4. Take advantage of book podcasts.

There are so many different ways to enjoy books that don't actually require turning pages. For when you're constantly on the go but want to fit more reading into your life, try book related podcasts. They have author interviews, live readings, wonderful storytelling, and plenty of book content to help read more — maybe just not in the traditional sense.

5. Join a book club.

There are dozens of benefits to joining a book club, but the best one is that they help you read more books. When you're a part of a book club, you're expected to read a certain number of books in a certain amount of time, and when you aren't the only one holding yourself accountable for your reading, you're even more motivated to get it done.

6. Read with (or to) a partner.

You don't have to choose between spending time with your significant other when you choose to read together. Whether you make time at the end of the night to read in bed together, create your own couple's book club, or read aloud to each other, making reading an activity you do together means making it an activity you can easily do more often.

7. If you don't like a book, put it away.

Have you ever been stuck in a reading rut you just can't get out of? It's time to switch up your book. Instead of wasting time reading a book you don't like or one you just can't get through, put it away and reach for something that can hold your attention. When you actually like what you're reading, you're going to want to read more.

8. Read more than one book at once.

When your TBR pile is as tall as the Empire State Building, the only way to get through it is to read more than one book at once. Try mixing up genres, reading your sci-fi in the morning and your romance at bed time. Less confusing than you might think, reading more than one book at a time will have you cruising through your overstuffed shelves.

9. Read while you exercise.

If you want to try and get everything done on your daily to-do list, you're going to have to learn to do two things at once. Luckily, exercising and reading are two activities that go well together. Whether you're reading a physical book on the stationary bike or listening to an audiobook while you run on the treadmill, there are plenty of book-friendly exercises you can learn to do.

10. Have books everywhere.

The easiest way to read more books more often? Have them everywhere. On your nightstand and your living room table, tucked away in your cubicle and stashed in your purse, downloaded on your phone and cued up on your tablet — wherever you can put a book, put one there. If you can see them and reach for the, chances are you'll read them.

Images: readsleepfangirl/Instagram; Giphy (10)