"Norwood University" Jokes & Memes From The Vice Presidential Debate, So No One Will Forget Longwood University Again

The one and only 2016 Vice Presidential Debate started off with some really awkward interruptions; the two candidates blatantly ignoring moderator Elaine Quijano's requests to respect each other's speaking times; and plenty of Apprentice jokes from Tim Kaine. But perhaps the biggest WTF moment happened during Mike Pence's opening statements when he thanked "Norwood University" for hosting the VP debate Tuesday night. Only one problem with his gratitude, there is no Norwood University — but it's now trending on Twitter.

What Pence meant to say was Longwood University, which is in Farmville, Virginia, and is in fact, hosting the VP debate he's participating in. Of course, being the first factcheck moment of the debate, Donald Trump's running mate's fake university did not come without laughter, jokes and memes. Norwood University actually does not exist — outside the Twittersphere, at least.

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their concern, confusion, and uncontrollable laughter over Pence's mishap, and someone even created a Twitter account for Norwood University, and ICYMI Spring '17 enrollment is now open!

Here are the very best "Norwood University" jokes and memes on Twitter, because Pence might not know where he is but Twitter will never forget where he most definitely is not.

It's hard to imagine how you can mess up something more fundamental than where you are. Unless, you know, you're Britney Spears.