Nobody Could Understand Tim Kaine & Mike Pence At The Debate

After the vice presidential debate wrapped up on Tuesday night, many were left with the wondering what they just heard and what the candidates actually said. Much of what Mike Pence and Tim Kaine were saying was, at times, interminable because they constantly interrupted and spoke over each other. It even got to the point where moderator Eliane Quijano had to appeal to them to stop by saying viewers at home were unable to understand them.

Viewers were fed up with both of the candidates for their behavior. Kaine saw more criticism for his demeanor, probably because it was reported that he interrupted Pence far more than Pence interrupted him. Both candidates were also lambasted for ignoring Quijano's attempts to restore order. For many women, it was reminiscent of the last debate (and their everyday lives) where Hillary Clinton was repeatedly interrupted and talked over by Donal Trump.

It didn't make either candidate look great, and it definitely broke Kaine from his "chill dad" persona. Kaine attempted to hold Pence accountable by asking him to explain his running mate's bombastic rhetoric, but his methods seemed to backfire on him. Kaine came off as bullish, and Pence got the credit for appearing unflappable. They both took a lot of heat on Twitter for this debate "strategy," or lack thereof:

They say first impressions are the most important. Tonight, Kaine and Pence are hoping that's not true.