Elaine Quijano Rolling Her Eyes During The VP Debate Is All Of Us During The Election — VIDEO

If you thought the VP debate that took place Oct. 4 was going to be a more "chill" affair compared to September's first presidential debate, you'd be wrong — and this GIF of Elaine Quijano rolling her eyes as Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine talked over her while she moderated seems to sum up a lot of the frustration that many Americans have felt while watching the presidential and VP candidates verbally tackle each other on national television.

Although Kaine and Pence had no trouble getting their jabs in at each other while defending the policies and temperaments of their respective presidential candidates, it seemed to be largely at the expense of CBS News' Quijano, who spent most of the VP debate trying to make her questions heard as the two candidates candidly interrupted each other whenever the timing felt right. At one point, Quijano even had to remind the two that anyone watching had no idea what the heck they were even saying thanks to all their interjections. "Gentlemen, the people at home can't understand either one of you when you talk over each other like this," she said. It didn't stop there, either. While Gov. Pence and Sen. Kaine spent the rest of the night fielding off each other's comments, Quijano had to deal with quips like "This is important, Elaine" as she tried to move on to the next topic of discussion.

It's no wonder her reaction about halfway through the debate looked a little something like this:

In fact, the urge to roll your eyes after every barb haphazardly flung by political heavyweights this election season is something I — along with many Americans — can certainly understand, and I'm not literally sitting in the middle of it like Quijano. Of course, trading insults isn't exactly a new phenomenon when it comes to the political stage, but during a high-stakes election when the parties at play seem to care more about making themselves heard than what it is they're actually saying, you kind of have to wonder if your own voice as a voter is being heard over all the noise.

And then there's the fact that two older white men in power talking loudly over a woman isn't exactly a new narrative either — and the internet was quick to come to Quijano's defense.

Frankly, I'm impressed Quijano didn't just stand up and walk out in the middle of the VP debate — she stayed calm, cool, and professional throughout, despite the constant off-topic interruptions. And if her face gave off a small flicker of annoyance as the VP debate unfolded, it was only mirroring the frustration many Americans have been feeling all along — when will these candidates finally just get to the point?

Speaking of getting to the point, make sure you get your point across this election season. You can register to vote above and make sure your candidate is the one who gets into the Oval Office.