The 'GG' Revival Featurette Has A Hidden Clue

If you're one of the many Gilmore Girls fans still inexhaustibly scanning the internet for daily updates on the Gilmore Girls revival (me too), then I may have just discovered a little something extra for you to scratch your head over. On Wednesday, Netflix released a Gilmore Girls featurette in preparation for the release of A Year In The Life (which premieres on Nov 25). Though it doesn't happen to feature any actual footage from the Gilmore Girls revival, it does contain the sort of beloved interviews with cast members that you'd expect. And Matt Czurchy's featured interview appears to reveal a very particular costume which may reveal a potential clue about Logan's role in the Gilmore Girls revival.

There are a few elements to what Czurchy's wearing in the featurette that has my mind currently racing. In fact, every detail about the ensemble feels significant in some way. From the color scheme of the outfit, to the fancy tailoring, the potential for the outfit to be either a deliberate period-look or simply an extravagant suit for a big party (like, say, a wedding?), there's a lot to be explored in this costume. But also have you seen that broach he's wearing? It feels kind of familiar, right, so what could it all mean? Watch the featurette for yourself below and then have yourself a little read, because I've got a few ideas.

1. The Broach Matches An Item From A Cryptic Life Or Death Brigade Instagram Post

Super-fans may well remember the absolute furore that erupted when Tanc Sade (who plays Finn on the show) shared the above post back in April. And though most of us tried as hard as we could to make any sense of it, it felt pretty impossible considering how truly vague the original post was. Clearly, though, we can now see that the tiny trinket is actually a part of a far bigger piece. As you can see on Logan's lapel, it appears to come from a Steampunk-style broach of clock cogs.

But why? Well, one theory I have is that the broach may well represent the ethos of the Life And Death Brigade, with the wearing of a set of clock cogs acting as a reminder of the passing of time — making for quite the momento mori in encouraging members to live big while they're alive.

2. Wait, Clock Cogs? Where In Stars Hollow Has Some Really Big Ones Of Those?

Well, that would be the clock tower of the Stars Hollow chapel, my dear. Considering that Logan is stood in front of the (very enchanting looking) Stars Hollow book store, I'm going to go right ahead and speculate that his scenes with the Life And Death Brigade could well be taking place in Stars Hollow itself. And taking the significance of the clock cog broach into account (and the fact that Czurchy appears to be filming a night scene there), I can't help but feel that some kind of a stealthy, night time Life And Death Brigade stunt could be happening with the Stars Hollow clock tower. You know, something like maybe jumping off of a tall structure using only umbrellas as a sort of parachute?

3. That Blue Scarf Could Indicate A Memorial For Richard

If there's anything that's going to provoke a heartfelt demonstration of living life to the fullest in the way that the Life And Death Brigade love to indulge, then it's the death of someone important. As quite a prominent member of the Yale alumni, it makes sense that the core members of the Life And Death Brigade may well want to pay tribute to him (but more so because of his connection to Rory). One aspect of Logan's outfit which seems to imply that this could be the case is the blue scarf that he's wearing.

Blue, it's worth remembering, is Yale's color, and, as you might remember from the Season 4 episode "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out," Richard wore it with pride when supporting his old college. So it would make sense that the Life And Death Brigade may be wearing it in tribute to Richard.

4. But What About The Style Of Those Clothes?

With speculation (and many theories) that there could potentially be some Gilmore Girls scenes taking place in London due to the appearance of British actress Alex Kingston (who also confirmed that she filmed her scenes on location, rather than on set), then Logan's costume here takes on a very different look. He isn't just dressed dapper; he looks distinctly Dickensian. Could it be that Logan is enjoying a vintage, British styled bachelor party in those clothes? Because perhaps he's been living in London for far too long. Which brings me to my final point...

5. Are We seeing A Traditional Wedding Rhyme In Action?

You know the one — something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And, yes, traditionally this is usually done by a bride, but this is 2016, people. And Logan can do what he wants. Because looking at Czurchy's outfit in this featurette, I can't help but potentially see all four of those details. That jacket, for instance, looks very modern (and potentially, brand new), while his waistcoat looks distinctly vintage (and quite old, even if it is dapper), and his scarf is very blue. Which leaves us with the clock cog broach.

You might remember that the Life And Death Brigade were quite light fingered in some of their exploits and that they enjoyed stealing items from houses and replacing them from others. Could it be that the cog broach has been "borrowed" from someone specifically to bring Logan luck on his wedding day? But then, if Logan is getting married (and in Stars Hollow no less), then is he marrying Rory? I honestly can't wait to find out.

Oh, my brain, you guys. There's actual steam coming out of my ears over all of this, right now. We'll find out whether Logan is getting married, simply paying tribute to Richard or looking supremely dapper just for the fun of it when Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premieres on Netflix on Nov 25.

Images: Giphy (3); Youtube.com/NetflixUS&Canada; Warner Bros. Pictures