Get Excited With This 'Gilmore Girls' Featurette

It might not seem all that far away, but to a Gilmore Girls fan, Nov. 25 (aka the premiere date of A Year In the Life) feels as though it's an entire age away from us. Obviously, the closer that we get to that date, the more excited we're all becoming to finally watch the Gilmore Girls revival we've all been talking about for the past year. And now, to keep our excitement at a steady build, Netflix has released a featurette for Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life. It's seriously going to make you super stoked for the revival (as if you aren't there already).

Though Netflix has rather cleverly avoided showing any actual footage from the revival in the featurette, we are treated to some adorable interviews with the cast, giving us some great glimpses at Stars Hollow in the background, as well as some nostalgic clips of the original series. As a result, the featurette serves as a perfect reminder of exactly why we all remain so darn obsessed with the Gilmore extended family, Stars Hollow, and all of the many friendships and romances that swirl around them. Have yourself a watch of the featurette below, and then do join me in jumping up and down with glee over the 16 reasons why it's made me even more excited for the revival:

1. Carol King's "Where You Lead" Has Never Sounded So Damn Powerful

And you realize that you're probably going to be in tears if and when the theme tune plays during A Year In the Life.

2. The Brief, Touching Tribute To The Late Edward Herrmann

I definitely almost cried when Kelly Bishop described that they "had such a good time for so many years on the show," followed by a clip of her Herrmann performing their absolute best Emily and Richard camaraderie. So I'm going to officially be in pieces while watching any sort of tribute to the late actor (and character) on the revival.

3. Hearing Scott Patterson Reminisce About His First Day On Set

He knew that it was "gonna work" right after filming his first scene, just like all of us knew that we were going to love it right after watching our very first Gilmore Girls scene.

4. Both Jess And Dean Are Looking Suitably Dreamy

They kind of have a bit of a matching hairstyle thing happening. Which I'm totally cool with, because whether they have long hair or short hair, they still both look beyond cute. I approve.

5. Matt Czurchy Is Looking Mysteriously Dapper

Seriously, is he in costume? Is that some kind of a steampunk ensemble? Or is he simply suited and booted for an important event? (Like a wedding, perhaps?) I have so many questions (and theories) about Logan's look...

6. Hearing Milo Ventimiglia Talk About How It's Exciting To Be Around "Great Memories"

It sure is, mister. And I'll be sitting there in front of my Netflix account on Nov. 25 with my Team Jess flag (which I made when I was 14), feeling the excitement of those memories being revived myself.

7. Jared Padalecki Still Remembers The Location Of His And Rory's Double Date With Luke And Lorelai

And it's like he's remembered the date of your own personal Gilmore Girls first-ever-episode anniversary or something.

8. Keiko Agena's Reminder Of Just How Fast Everyone Talks

Can I get a quickfire round of applause for what Agena refers to as "Gilmore pace," please? Because no other show is even a match for Gilmore dialogue. Every line of the revival is sure to soothe my very soul with it's speed.

9. Lauren Graham's Clear Love For Lorelai Gilmore

She almost has heart emoticons in her eyes when she talks about the character. But then you catch your reflection in something and realize, "Oh dang, I have those hearts in my eyes when I think about her too."

10. Alexis Bledel And Liza Weil Both Look So Mature And Sophisticated

From the extremely elegant looks of them on the featurette, Rory and Paris look like they both need to go and order themselves a business woman special from Luke's (a la Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion).

11. The Realization That The Cast Is Just As Thrilled To Return As We Are To See It

Seriously, they all sound just as hyped up and jazzed about the Gilmore Girls revival as every fan has been for the past year. Especially when Bledel says, "We never could have imagined that we'd get a chance to come back." Ooh, girl — same.

12. The Reminder Of All Those Gigantic Friendships And Romances

There's so much love, be it platonic or kissy-faced, at the heart of Gilmore Girls. And all of these nostalgic clips are reminding me of just how much I adore (and miss) every single relationship.

13. Stars Hollow Is Looking Incredibly Beautiful

Oh, for real. It's a twinkling, quaint heaven. And most importantly, it looks just as stunning as we left it.

14. Those Reminders Of How Important Every Minor Character Is

Seriously, there are no minor characters on Gilmore Girls. You love all of them.

15. That Concise Reminder Of Everything You Love About The Show

With just two and a half minutes, the featurette manages to show you the sweet, funny, romantic, relatable, adorable, and heartwarming essence of Gilmore Girls that has kept fans in love with it.

16. The Revival Will Create More Great Memories

With all of the cast reminding us throughout the featurette of all of the great memories they have of the show, it's also a great reminder that new memories will soon be made, too. And I absolutely can't wait.

I can barely take it, folks. My excitement has reached fever pitch. And you know what? Nov. 25 definitely still feels like a lifetime away. But hopefully, Netflix will continue to throw us little cute teases like this in the buildup to the premiere just to keep us satisfied.

Images: Netflix; Youtube.com/NetflixUS&Canada (3); Giphy (12)