See The 'Gilmore Girls' Stars Wish The Show A Sweet 16 Birthday

Sixteen years ago, to the eventual joy of all, Gilmore Girls premiered on The WB and made TV a happier, coffee fueled, and faster talking place. They grow up so fast, right? Since 2016 does not just mark Gilmore Girls ' sweet 16, but also happens to be the year the revival will premiere on Netflix, some of the Gilmore Girls cast sent in happy birthday messages to the show for a special Instagram story on the official Gilmore Girls Instagram. The story is every bit as adorable as you are imagining it to be, and it includes messages from Milo Ventimiglia, Matt Czuchry, Vanessa Marano, and Yanic Truesdale.

The star of the show is definitely Grant-Lee Philips, who sings Gilmore Girls its very own birthday song.

"It's a wholesome family story about Lorelai and Rory, they talk so fast your ears could rash, it's full of allegory, happy birthday to the Gilmore Girls!"

Between the music and the heartfelt wishes from the cast, Netflix made sure this Gilmore Girls' birthday was a special one for long time fans of the show and now you get to bask in all their hard work. Check out Philips' song and the pictures of the cast below, then head over to Instagram to see the full story for yourself.

First up is Truesdale, who is channeling Michel's taste for the glam life with his pink flamingo and posh surroundings.

Then, there is Ventimiglia sporting his This Is Us mustache, but still looking amazing while making fans swoon with a sweet "Happy Birthday, Gilmore Girls, from Jess" message.

It looks like Vanessa Marano took time out of her vacation to send a message from abroad.

And Jackson Douglas followed suit coming all the way from Spain with a big dose of Gilmore Girls love.

Rose Abdoo gets bonus points for filming her message in character as Gypsy working on a car and boasting that the Gilmores just bought her a new couch.

While Keiko Agena sneakily peaked over the top of a Hep Alien album cover to send her best wishes.

Even Caesar got in on the action.

Finally, Czuchry not only sent out birthday wishes, he cheekily slipped in a special nod to Team Logan fans with help from his coffee cup.

Enjoy the Gilmore Girls' birthday, fans, Friday November 25 will be here before you know it.

Images: Instagram (10)