19 Times Bernie Sanders Ripped Donald Trump On Twitter

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may have conceded the presidential race to fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton long ago, but he's not going too far too quickly. Since ending his campaign and endorsing Clinton as the Democratic Party's nominee, Sanders has vowed to campaign fervently for the former secretary of state. But even when he's not out speaking to voters on Clinton's behalf, Sanders is ripping Republican Donald Trump on Twitter left and right, on everything from immigration to healthcare.

During the primaries, Sanders ran an attitude-filled campaign. It wasn't Trump's signature name-calling type of campaign, but it was a finger-wagging, Clinton-interrupting type of campaign. Those tactics may not have helped him win the nomination, but his spirited and sometimes snarky attitude makes for an entertaining Twitter feed — made all the more entertaining thanks to Trump's wild statements and controversial policy proposals.

It's no surprise that Sanders has taken to bashing Trump during the general election season. Although he had his fair share of criticisms of Clinton during the primaries, the two Democrats seem to have far more in common than Sanders shares with Trump, at least from an ideological standpoint. The fact that they both have taken to Twitter to air their grievances is probably just a happy coincidence.

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On Sexism

Sanders calls it how he sees it. Trump does that too, but his plainly discriminatory rhetoric is highly offensive to women, immigrants, and many, many others.

On Racism

Sanders isn't a fan of any of Trump's "-isms." He'll even use the words of Trump's fellow Republicans against him. All's fair in love and politics, right?

On Healthcare

It's no secret that affordable healthcare has become a cause championed by Democrats. (Obamacare, anyone?) Sanders contributes to the cause by calling Trump out online.

On Taxes

If anyone was going to use Trump's recently released 1995 tax record against him, it was going to be Sanders. The Vermont senator didn't disappoint, but his criticism of Trump's proposed tax changes didn't start with The New York Times' report...

On Business

The word "incomprehensible" is terribly underappreciated in this election. Snaps for Sanders for working it into a 140-character tweet. Trump seems to have that effect on him.

On Climate Change

A Republican politician downplaying the significance of climate change is nothing new. But Sanders has had enough. His debate tweets — on climate change and otherwise — were on point during the first presidential debate.

In General

Some of Sanders' criticisms of Trump don't fall into a single category or issue. But calling him "the worst candidate for president in the modern history of the United States" deserved a spot on this list. Bonus points for the video of Sanders making his point IRL — and for the tweets below.

Although he's always been anti-Trump, Sanders has particularly taken to "berning" Trump online since conceding the Democratic primary race to Clinton. Along the way, he seems to have found common ground with even the most unlikely of Republicans, including former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. It's all for the sake of opposing Trump, but it's also all fun to watch.