Is Jessie James Decker's Bless Your Hair Perfume Sold Out At Target? Sweet-Smelling Tresses Are Just A Click Away

Jesse James Decker may have risen to fame due to her powerhouse vocals, but her myriad creative projects over recent years have made her a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and beauty industries. If you're a fan of the starlet, you likely know all about her killer Kittenish clothing line, her signature nude Lip Kit, and her YouTube makeup tutorials. One of her most recent endeavors, though, is an awesome hair perfume, and it just became available at a major retailer. If you're reading this, you're probably wondering — is Jessie James Decker's Bless Your Hair Perfume sold out at Target?

If you're not familiar with Decker's hair perfume line, I suggest you get there ASAP, because it's amazing. Available in two scents, Honey Dew and Sweet Magnolia, all it takes is a few quick spritzes to achieve sweet-smelling tresses that will turn heads left and right. Before the fragrances hit, it was a bit difficult to get them, as they often sold out on and Xile Beauty, where they are usually carried. Naturally, I can't help but wonder if fans will run into the same issue with Target.

So, can you still snag these sultry scents or are they gone for good?

Fave4 Bless Your Hair Sweet Magnolia Hair Perfume, $28,

According to, both scents are still up for grabs — hooray!

Fave4 Bless Your Hair Honey Dew Hair Perfume, $28,

If you're planning on shopping these hair fragrances, I'd still act fast. I've never experienced a product sell-out on, but hey — you never know.

Happy shopping!

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