'The Fosters' Season 2 Premiere Is Months Away, So Let These Spoilers Tide You Over

It's true. All good things must come to an end — including everyone's new obsession and ABC Family's latest Monday night hit. The Season 1 finale of The Fosters, "Adoption Day," was dramatic, emotional, and knocked the wind right out of us in its final minutes. If you're anything like me, you were probably muttering to yourself, "Why, why why? What's going to happen now? How will I live without knowing?" and wondering what you're going to do on Mondays nights from now on. But don't get too sad about it; ABC Family recently announced that The Fosters Season 2 will premiere on Monday, June 16.

Like we do with every one of ABC Family's addictive series, we've been busy hunting down clues as to what awaits the Foster family in Season 2. What kind of fans would we be if we weren't obsessively searching for spoilers for next season before the current one ends? Not true ABC Family fans, that's for sure. And now that we've been left with the major emotional moments of Lena being pregnant, Callie's adoption not going through, and Brandon getting beaten to a pulp, here's what we know is about to go down in Season 2:

1. Callie's Movin' Out

Back in February, Fashion & Style caught up with Jake T. Austin, who plays Jesus on the series, at an event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and he revealed a huge bombshell for Season 2. He told the site:

Callie, who's been adopted by Lena and Stef, a same sex couple, is about to become independent and about to turn 18. So she's moving out, which is really creating some drama.

What the hell, Callie? You've worked so hard to get this adoption for you and Jude and now you're going to throw it all away? We're used to Callie consistently screwing things up for herself, but she loves Stef and Lena and after her speech about how having a family is more important than a boyfriend, we're shocked to find out that she's going to walk away again. Hopefully things have changed since Austin gave this scoop, but they probably haven't.

2. Bailee Madison's Mysterious Debut

Three weeks ago, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively announced that Trophy Wife actress Bailee Madison would be joining Season 2 of The Fosters in a recurring role. The only detail revealed about her character was that she's a young women from Callie's past but no name was announced for the character. So, all we have to go off of here is that Madison will make her debut in the Season 2 premiere — at least we won't have to wait much longer to find out what her story is.

3. Brandon's Joining A Band

Brandon's finally going to do something constructive that doesn't include making illegal fake IDs and bribing witnesses. YAY! Go on and act like a high schooler, Brandon, and write more love songs about Callie.

4. And He's Getting A New Love Interest

On March 14, it was announced that True Jackson, VP star Ashley Argota would be joining The Fosters as one of Brandon's new band members. Argota will play Lou, the band's "charismatic and free-spirited lead singer" who will strike a chord in Brandon's Callie-frozen heart. Lou will be Brandon's new love interest for Season 2 — now that Callie kissed Wyatt in the finale on Monday night. And according to E! her role is a recurring one — sorry, "Brallie" shippers!

Image: ABC Family