Matt Smith Says He’d Join A Marvel Franchise & Make All Our 'Doctor Who' Dreams Come True

Those who found themselves at the Javits Center for New York Comic-Con this Thursday may have felt as though they somehow went back in time since it saw the reunion of Doctor Who alums Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Alex Kingston. That's right, my friends: the Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald, and River Song got together and it was just as amazing as you could imagine. But aside from reminiscing about their fun times inside the TARDIS, questions also turned to the future and led one fan to ask whether or not Matt Smith would like to join a Marvel franchise. And his response is bound to make all diehard Whovians jump for joy.

"My answer is... when will they ask me?," Smith teased to the crowd. After all, it does seem to be a path that many Doctor Who alums have chosen to take. David Tennant went on to become the evil Kilgrave on Netflix's Jessica Jones and Karen Gillan (who played Smith's companion, Amy Pond), stars in the movie franchise Guardians of the Galaxy. So it would actually be very fitting for Smith to follow in those footsteps. And the fact that he seems pretty interested about it, makes the possibility all the more exciting.

The only question that remains is who should Smith go on to play? What Marvel character would be the perfect fit for this former Doctor to portray? Either way, I'm sure we can all agree that this needs to happen as soon as possible. But in the meantime, let the speculation commence!

Image: BBC One