A ‘Torchwood’ Reboot Is On Star John Barrowman’s Mind, Reveals Alex Kingston

TV reboots are all the rage these days. In fact, shows like Fuller House and the Gilmore Girls revival have been welcomed back by fans with open arms, so it should come as no surprise for other shows to follow suit. And it looks like Doctor Who 's spin-off, Torchwood , may very well be next on the docket, at least if John Barrowman has anything to say about it. During Thursday's Doctor Who panel Tales from the Tardis at New York Comic-Con, Alex Kingston (famously known for playing River Song on the series) revealed that a Torchwood reboot could happen in the very near future since Barrowman is very eager to reassume his role as Captain Jack Harkness.

At first the conversation started out with Kingston mentioning how much she'd love to share a scene with her former Doctor colleague during one of her appearances on The CW's Arrow since (shockingly) their two characters have yet to meet. "We are conspiring to get the character of Dinah Lance to have some sort of a relationship with Malcolm Merlyn," Kingston teased. But then she realized that it may not end up happening for a while since Barrowman is already conspiring to make something else happen... a Torchwood reunion!

"I know that John is quite keen to try and reboot Torchwood," she revealed to an excited crowd. "And I certainly think that if that were the case... there's no reason why River Song wouldn't just turn up there." Who's day just got better?! Now, to be clear, this project has yet to be confirmed in any way, shape, or form. But just knowing that it's something Barrowman wants to see happen makes the idea seem all the more possible. He was the main star, after all, and if you have the main star on your side, there's a much greater chance this faraway fantasy could eventually become a reality. Let's make this happen, people!

Image: BBC One