Meredith Is Still Lying To Maggie About Riggs On 'Grey's Anatomy' & This Can't End Well

I’m convinced that so many of television’s problems would be solved if the characters would actually just, you know, speak to each other. I guess that also means that we wouldn’t watch. In any case, Meredith and Maggie are on a one-way ticket to Fall-Out-Ville, population 2. If you remember, Maggie has a thing for Riggs, who rejected her when she asked him out. Why did he reject her? Because he hooked up with Meredith, who is pretending not to like him. Meredith is still lying to Maggie on Grey’s Anatomy , and this cannot end well.

As is human behavior, Maggie was cast aside, and she wants to talk about it with her sisters. Meredith, who was never the sharing type to begin with, tells Maggie to brush it off and act normal and move on — typical Meredith stuff, you know? Except Maggie isn’t dark and twisty and wants to vent, which Amelia gets, and she finally implores Meredith and Maggie to have a talk. By the end of the episode, they talk, but they decide they don’t want to talk about anything important, like men or work. Oh, and Meredith and Riggs had some deeper conversations about their dead spouses, which means they’re growing closer together while Maggie is stupefied about how she didn’t get the date. I’ll say it again — This. Isn’t. Going. To. End. Well.


Meredith should have told Maggie from the outset that she was into Riggs. It would have been awkward, of course, but the longer she goes without telling Maggie that she and Riggs are interested in each other, the more severe Maggie’s reaction is going to be. Maggie is going to be hurt and not want to go back to Meredith for anything, Amelia will have to choose sides, and everyone everywhere will yell at Meredith for not admitting the truth for once. And you know what? She’ll deserve it.

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