Kevin Moving To New York On 'This Is Us' May Actually Help His Relationship With Kate

Being a twin is an interesting thing that not many people get to experience. Though I’m not a twin myself, my mother is, and watching her interact with her brother is very similar to watching Kate and Kevin on This Is Us . Though they are extremely close, Kate and Kevin are reaching an impasse — he torched his Hollywood career and wants to move to New York City, and he wants Kate to move there with him. The only problem is that Kate just met a wonderful guy, Toby, and doesn’t want to leave. In the end, Kate and Kevin decide to separate and I think it’s going to be great for their relationship.

I can’t blame Kate and Kevin for being so close to each other — they’ve been together literally since conception. But this relationship with Toby seems to be a big deal for Kate, and because of how needy Kevin can be, there’s not room for both guys in her life the way things are going right now. Toby knows this, and he is delicate about it — he doesn’t want to tell Kate to let her brother figure out his life alone. But when Kate starts thinking that she has to move to New York, Kevin realizes that he’s been a drain, and he tells her to stay with Toby. On most shows, this dance would have gone on longer, but I think the realism of This Is Us combined with the fact that Kevin knows Kate better than anyone else brought us to this very nice conclusion.

Will it be hard to Kevin and Kate to be away from one another? Definitely, and I’m sure we’ll see some back-and-forth with them visiting each other. But what Kate needs is to explore her life outside of her brother, and Kevin needs to find some independence in New York.

Images: Ron Batzdorff/NBC; Giphy