Jack Gleeson's Dream 'GoT' Role Isn't Joffrey

When you are on a show with a cast as expansive as Game of Thrones, it is only natural for the actors to get a case of character envy every now and then. I mean, who wouldn't want to play Daenerys? Even the former King of Westeros, Jack Gleeson — better known as Joffrey — would have loved a chance to play another character. But be warned, fans: it is a surprising one. He revealed the character in question at the New York Comic Con, which Bustle attended. According to Gleeson, if he could have played any other character on Game of Thrones , it would have been Hodor.

Yes, I said Hodor.

"Probably Hodor, just because who wouldn't?" Gleeson explained. "He's the best." Hodor is indeed the best, but he is also a far cry from Gleeson's role as the sadistic and petulant King Joffrey. The boy king held the title of most despised Game of Thrones character until his shocking Season 4 death, thanks in large part to Gleeson's amazing performance.

Playing the character everyone loved to hate could not have been easy, so it is really no wonder Gleeson would have enjoyed a chance to take on the role of such a beloved character. As he pointed out, the job came with one major perk too. "As an actor point of view you just have to learn one line," Gleeson said. Well played, Gleeson. Well played.

Of course, playing Hodor was not all about having one memorable line. Hodor's portrayer Kristian Nairn proved that when he broke hearts everywhere during Hodor's harrowing Season 6 death scene. Doors now make Game of Thrones fans whimper thanks to Nairn's superb work as the gentle giant. Also, there is the little matter of Hodor having to carry Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) everywhere which proved to be a major task when the kid hit his growth spurt. "I don't know how heavy Isaac is though," Gleeson wisely observed.

Maybe it is best Gleeson will be remembered as Joffrey. While he is nothing but kind in real life, Gleeson brought a wicked energy to the role of Joffrey no one else could have matched. Sure, it is fun to play a purely beloved character, but there is something to be said for actors who can bring villains to such magnificent life, and a world like Westeros would not be the same without a balance of both good guys like Hodor and total baddies like Joffrey.

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Additional reporting by Martha Sorren