Kylie Thinks You Should Try This Hair Color

This girl’s not known for being subtle with her beauty choices, and that’s exactly why I love her. She’s not afraid to wear a bold lip or change up her hair from time to time. No matter what shade she’s rocking at the moment, she always looks amazing. So, if you’re wanting to go bold with your beauty, you know exactly who to turn to for advice. Kylie Jenner thinks you should try rose gold hair for yourself because, apparently, she’s loving her newly dyed strands.

Jenner recently took to her website to announce her new hairstyle, and she couldn’t stop raving about how much she loved the rose gold feels. She even suggested others give the look a go. “I’m loving my new rose gold hair,” she wrote. “I’m seriously obsessed with it. If you’re thinking about switching up your hair color, I really recommend giving it a try.” If you say so, Jenner!

Rose gold is trending in the beauty world. If you’re all about the latest and greatest, you really might need to consider wearing this hue, too. What could it hurt, you know? Take one look at Jenner’s latest ‘do, and you’ll be totally inspired. Because there’s no denying it. Her pink-colored locks are absolutely amazing.

Rose gold is where it's at.

Seriously, the color is almost too good to pass up.

If Jenner says to go for it, I'm down.

I certainly have no arguments against this. All in favor say "I." *Stands up and screams, "I"*

Twitter's loving her fall look, too.

Some people were already on board with the whole rose gold trend.

Others may even let Jenner convince them.

Jenner's word of advice: go for it!

The more rose gold, the better.

I mean, her hair is all the inspiration you could need.