Karlie Kloss' New Fringe Is Here To Stay

The Internet knows a fake-out. Faux lobs, choice quotes, Harry Potter palettes that aren't real yet (sorry) — it's enough to give anyone trust issues. But Karlie Kloss, universally beloved angel among superwomen, wouldn't do that to us. Going by all the Insta-evidence, Kloss' bangs are the real deal, and she's never looked better (except for the last time she had bangs).

Most viral is the fact that her shaggy layers and thick, blunt bangs are a close sibling to bestie Taylor Swift's cut. However, with every celeb cycling through every style, it's a popular haircut that is popping up on everyone these days. Kloss' cut is fuel to the lob fire, though — while Mindy Kaling's new cut is a slightly tamer take on the trend, Kloss' piecey layers are made for rolling out of bed and looking intentional. The bangs even makes an airplane bun look good, which is basically unheard of.

And while it could be just another aspect of what I call the Kloss effect — traditionally horrible things all of a sudden seeming glam and appealing, like traveling for months at a time — the bangs inarguably look good. Could this be the fringey lob that launches a thousand looks?



Although to be fair, the trend's been going for a few years now. Yet combined with a Parisian coffee, fashion-draped leather jacket and a literal tray of croissants, a banged lob has never looked so good.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'll take it. I'll take it all. And apparently, so will everyone else: Fans are loving on Kloss' new cut.

But some people are still wary, which, fair enough.

But if the power of Kloss compels you, here are a few bang tricks to keep in mind down the long, wispy road.

Image: via Instagram