How 'Stranger Things' Would Be Different In 2016

Part of the charm that turned would-be cult sensation Stranger Things into the must-watch series of the summer is its dedication to its 1980s setting. Not only is the series true to its setting in production design, but its cinematography and plot mirrors the action-adventure films of the decade and uses sentimentality to tell a unique story for a 2016-audience. Even if you didn't grow up in the decade, the show is captivating in its nostalgia, and no one knows that better than Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the nearly silent and very psychic Eleven. During the Stranger Things New York Comic-Con panel attended by Bustle, Brown spoke of her fondness for the decade, though she missed it by about 15 years. "I really like it, I really want to live back in the '80s," she told the NYCC audience. However, that didn't stop her from imagining what Stranger Things would be like in 2016.

"I love everything [about the '80s] except there's not really good Internet," Brown said. There wasn't really any Internet in the '80s, which is part of why Stranger Things worked in the decade so well. You couldn't just Google what a Demogorgon was or find Will using his iPhone as a tracking device — you had to actually figure things out. But, being raised in the age of easy contact with others, Brown kept finding herself jokingly asking things like, "Why don't we just call Will on the phone?"

While the main obstacle there is likely the lack of cell phone service in the Upside Down, there are plenty of other elements that would change if Stranger Things got moved to 2016.

Crazy Amounts Of Eggo Variety

Eleven seems to be a fan of the most standard Eggo waffle, but, in 2016, there is an entire Eggo empire ready for consumption. Original, buttermilk, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip, french toast, pancakes, oats & berries mixed berry, confetti, avengers cinnamon explosion, even pumpkin spice! That's eleven types of waffles for Eleven and those barely scratch the surface.

Less D&D, More Video Games

While many youths these days still partake in the tabletop tradition of Dungeons and Dragons, the advent of video games has created new worlds for children and adults alike to explore. In 2016, expect middle schoolers to be way more interested in Minecraft and Pokemon Go than Dungeons and Dragons. Brown told the NYCC audience that she is a big Pokemon Go player. So, she gets it.

No Need For Wigs

Short hair is in now! No need to throw on a wig and a dress.

Communication With The Upside Down Would Be Way Easier

If Will's friends can reach him through the behemoth, top-of-the-line radio in the school — imagine what kind of power they would have 30 years of technological advances later?

Barb Would Be The Cool One

She may not have been appreciated for her time, but, in 2016, where authenticity is valued above all, Barb would've been the queen of Hawkins. Can you imagine how many Tumblr followers she'd have? And, #JusticeForBarb would be a trending topic.

Stranger Things is a pretty amazing show as it is, but surely when it's remade in 2046 and made to mirror the culture of today, a few of these changes are going to have to be accounted for. But, for now, Stranger Things is truly a product of the 1980s — even if it wasn't made until 2016 — and the series is all the better for it.

Image: Curtis Baker/Netflix