'Stranger Things' S2 Will Revisit Barb's Story

What is there left to say about Stranger Things ' breakout star Barb that hasn't already been said? She went from being a minor side character in a little-publicized Netflix series to a cultural phenomenon within a weekend. She's been the subject of memes and think pieces alike, inspiring the #JusticeForBarb hashtag for everyone who felt that her character was short-changed. [Spoilers] While Barb's time on the series was cut unfortunately short by an encounter with the demogorgon and a rough visit to the Upside Down, all is not lost. During a Bustle-attended New York Comic-Con panel, the Stranger Things actors confirmed that Barb's story will continue in Season 2, even if Barb herself isn't there.

David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper in the show, revealed that "[the show does] deal with the loose ends in Season 2, and we do deal with some of the Internet rage over Barb's death." This is great news for any viewers who, like myself, found Barb to be the most fascinating character on the show, only to have her taken away much too soon.

While fans may finally get closure to Barb's story when Season 2 of Stranger Things arrives, Harbour did manage expectations. Harbour told the NYCC audience that "you do get justice for Barb in some sense... but for those of you wishing that Barb somehow magically comes back to the show, I can assure you that Barb is very much dead."

While you may be tempted to start organizing your own candlelight vigils, keep in mind that Harbour also told NYCC, "We do know a little about Season 2, but we're not gonna tell you anything." Harbour is far from the final authority on the matter of Barb — and the cast may be forced to lie about Barb's fate, much like the Game of Thrones cast had to spend a whole year insisting that Jon Snow was 100 percent, without a doubt, absolutely deceased.

Granted, when Barb was killed off, the creators surely had no idea that Barb would be a breakout character. Harbour told the crowd that he was caught "totally by surprise ... by the response, but I think it's well-deserved." It's clear that Barb has struck a particular chord with fans everywhere, inspiring fanart and Halloween costumes as far as the eye can see. Now that it's clear she's popular, perhaps there is still life in Barb's future?

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, didn't have any reservations about expressing what she wants for Barb in the future. She told the NYCC crowd about her own personal Barb theory (and she did make sure to emphasize that is was a theory not a spoiler). "Imagine if Barb came back and Jonathan and Barb were dating?" Brown asked the audience. "That would be, oh my god, so good."

In that moment, Brown revealed that not only is she just like all of us, but that she should absolutely be in the writer's room. At this point, anything to bring Barb back sounds worth it — but there is, at least, some relief in knowing that Barb is gone too soon, but not forgotten.Images: Curtis Baker/Netflix, Giphy (2)