Twitter's Obsessed With Kylie's Seasonal Lip Kits

If you’ve seen the latest and greatest Lip Kits, then you’re likely in a state of shock right about now. The fall colors are so insanely beautiful that it will render you speechless. These Twitter reactions to the fall Lip Kits prove that when it comes to creating seasonal lip products, no one does it better than Kylie Jenner.

First of all, let me just say, I never predicted she’d launch colors like these. With her clever teases online, she definitely had me fooled. I thought that Pumpkin was a completely separate shade from the original brown-orange lippie she teased, for instance. So, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that because she'd only revealed two shades instead of three, that made room for two more lippies in the line-up. I'm always game for more surprises!

OK, so now that more information has been released, let’s run through each of the shades. Pumpkin is a gorgeous brown-orange shade, and it's one of the original colors she teased. The other shade she revealed at the very beginning was the berry colored Spice. These couldn’t be more perfect for the season, so it’s no wonder she lead off with them. Next, come the most shocking colors, Moon and Trick. According to Twitter, Moon is a cool gray shade that’s definitely on-trend, but so unpredictable. Good move, Jenner. Meanwhile, Trick is a deep teal-colored lippie that will definitely have you choosing “Trick” over “Treat,” if you know what I mean.

Here are all four of the fall Lip Kits, in all of their glory.

So far, Jenner's only used her app to livestream these shades. If you don't have her app, you missed out on some of the details behind these lippies. But, she's heading to Snapchat to show off the colors, too. Everyone can get the inside scoop on the latest products in due time. Then, you'll understand why people on Twitter are freaking out!

1. Appreciation Tweet

Can we just stop for a minute to take in the greatness?

2. Priorities

Gotta have that new new.

3. Snapchat

You're going to be checking Snapchat more often than normal waiting for the next Jenner takeover.

4. Life

Yep, people live for this! And I can't say I blame them.

5. Favorites

Favorite fall Lip Kit = All of them.

6. Cop Them All

Don't shop just one, shop them all!

7. On-Trend

She definitely knows what's up as far as the season's hottest lip colors are concerned.

8. Screenshots

Screenshot these babies so you can stare at them all day.

9. Classics

You can't go wrong with Pumpkin and Spice, you know?

10. Add It To The Collection

You know you want to add these shades to your ever-expanding collection of Kylie Cosmetics products!

11. Shopping Plans

Better start getting your shopping strategy ready. These lippies are going to go quickly!

12. Minis

This isn't a bad idea! The more Lip Kits you can get at once, the better.

13. Need

Pumpkin and Moon are definitely on the must-have list.

Images: kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat (1)