How To Put "Women Can Stop Trump" On Your Prof Pic

As the second presidential debate revs up mere days after NBC News released a tape of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making terribly sexist comments to Billy Bush in 2005, people on Twitter just took the heat from burning to scorching — particularly the women. If you saw another awesome woman on Twitter change her profile pic today, you might be wondering how to add "Women Can Stop Trump" to your Twitter profile picture as well. The good news is, getting the text to the catchy slogan on your profile picture is just as easy as accidentally forgetting to be a human being while mic'd in an Access Hollywood van — if not easier!!!

The service Twibbon is responsible for adding the blocks of white text to the profile pictures to make them all look like a united front — which is for the best, truly, because some of us are as bad at Photoshop as Trump is at respecting women. Once you click the link to Twibbon, it will prompt you to give you Full Permissions to both change your profile picture and send a tweet from your account with a link to the service so others can do the same. Once you change your profile pic, it will look as glorious as this*!

*Lightsaber and resting "you killed my father" face not included.

This Twitter bio change is in to accompany the trending hashtag #WomenCanStopTrump, which has been prevalent on Twitter throughout the election cycle.

Join the movement and change your Twitter profile picture by heading to Twibbon here!