Will A Live Action 'Mulan' Cast A White Male Lead?

When the world first found out Disney was going to be gracing us with a live-action Mulan — and that the movie was going to be coming out November 2, 2018 — Disney, girl power, and fans of sixth century CE Chinese literature alike rejoiced. But then, concern grew that the movie would get the classic Hollywood whitewash treatment — which seems ridiculous because the movie is about China, but really wouldn't be all that surprising because Hollywood seems to have a serious issue with Asian representation. This is an issue that has been talked about at length. Just recently, Tilda Swinton was cast as a Tibetan monk in Doctor Strange, and Emma Stone plays a half-Asian character.Unfortunately, there are rumors that the spec script Disney bought for Mulan will not tell the same story of a Chinese woman portrayed by a Chinese woman who saves the day with the rest of her crew (who also happen to mostly be portrayed by Asian actors). Instead, according to a guest contributor for the blog Angry Asian Man, the script allegedly follows a 30-something European trader with only women and power on his mind until he meets the teenage Mulan. Then, he and his posse agree to help the Chinese Imperial Army — but only because he has the hots for Mulan and wants to protect her — and allegedly he saves all of China. If this is true it would be very disappointing.

Some fans who have heard the rumors are infuriated and have taken to Twitter with the battle cry, #MakeMulanRight. Here are some of their responses:

1. The Guy Who Reminded Us All of Mulan's Accomplishments

That is a heck of a lot of struggle to go through to just be saved by some grouchy Han Solo-type merchant.

2. The Gal Who Suggested They Just Cast A Hot Chinese Male Lead And Be Done With It

Oh hey there Harry, I see you.

3. The Person Who Can't Stop Screaming

The world suddenly got louder, as angry screams of Mulan fans the world over permeated the air.

4. The Gal Who Acknowledged The Similarity To Pocahontas

And also Fern Gully, and Avatar, and many, many more stories of a man saving the "savage" nation he drunkenly stumbles upon.

5. The One That Reminded Us Mulan Doesn't Even Need A Love Interest

She is a strong, independent warrior who don't need no man to hold her back from saving China.

6. The Person Looking For Mushu-Style Revenge

I don't condone violence to get what one wants, but I do condone fake wings on a dragon.

7. The Gal Who Reminded Us How Hot Li Shang Is

We deserve to see that hotness IRL It's practically a crime against humanity to keep it from us.

8. The Person Who Pointed Out Correlation Flaws

Does not compute.

9. The Gal Who's Disgust Could Only Truly Be Represented By Viola Davis

Davis' eye roll game truly captures the exasperation fans are feeling.

10. The One That Might Make You Tear Up

I'm not crying, you are. OK. I am too.

11. The One Who Quoted A Movie Favorite

This guy is not joking around here.

13. The One With The Call To Action

What better way to get your voice heard about this issue than to sign a petition?

14. The Guy Who Thought About Shang's Opinion

Not pleased.

15. One More Reminder Of How Hot Shang Is

How are you going to just erase one of the cutest, most developed Disney love interests?

16. The Guy Who Reminded Us How Revolutionary Mulan Was

The only way this live action version of Mulan should be moving is forward to more groundbreaking events.

17. The Girl Who Brought Up An Iconic Scene

It would be be tough to copy the inspiration from this scene in the first place, but a movie version without it? Why cut out one of the best, most memorable moments in the movie.

18. The Person Who Simply Summed Up What We're All Thinking

I'm hopeful that Disney will hear the cries of the Mulan fandom — or that this allegation is just a silly rumor.

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