Drake & Rihanna Don't Owe Us Any Explanations

For as long as I can remember, the lines of Drake and Rihanna's relationship have always been very blurry. Despite the fact that they've appeared to be dating for the past few months, they've never outwardly spoken about their relationship or confirmed or denied anything — not officially, anyway, and I have a feeling that's not going to change, especially not now. As of Tuesday, word on the street is that Drake and Rihanna have reportedly split. As much as I'd love to hear their firsthand accounts of what's really going on between them, Drake and Rihanna will probably never talk about their relationship publicly, and that's OK.

While some celebs release statements about who they're dating and when they stop, that's just not their style. Drake and Rihanna have kept things low key, leaving fans to decide for themselves whether they were actually together or not. They engage in PDA, they make sweeping declarations of love on stage, and when rumors of a split started circulating, Rihanna made a pretty cryptic Instagram post rather than announcing the news herself. As far as any of us know, there have been nothing but question marks surrounding their status, and that creates even more curiosity about it— for me, at least. Bustle has reached out to their reps about their relationship status, but has yet to hear back.

But while curiosity about the status of two very public artists is natural, it doesn't mean they owe us anything. It's clear that Drake and Rihanna aren't into discussing their relationship openly, and that's their choice to make. Between their music, their performances, and their interviews, it's easy to feel like you know them. But it's important to remember that despite all that, they're total strangers to most of us. I wouldn't tell the person in line ahead of me at Target about the fight I just had with my significant other, so why is it any different for them?

Relationships are such a personal thing, and even though Drake and Rihanna are in the spotlight, they still have a right to their privacy. They might be two ridiculously gorgeous and talented people, but they're still people. Figuring out how to date someone you've been friends with for years is tough. Breaking up with that person is tough. And whatever stage they're in, they deserve the space to figure it out for themselves.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The reports might be true. They might already be over, even though they totally seemed meant to be. Or maybe they're not. Maybe they're laughing at the idea that so many people are freaking out that their relationship's ending, and they're living happily ever after just like I hoped. Either way, that's between Rihanna and Drake, and if they want to fill us in they will. If not, they don't have to.

Wonder and speculate away. I know I will! But keep your expectations low. I have a feeling the Drake/Rihanna dynamic will remain a mystery for the rest of time, and maybe that's better than being hit with a dose of reality?