'Moana' Is The Badass Princess Costume You Need

Moana doesn't come out until Thanksgiving weekend — almost a month after Halloween. But that won't stop true Disney fans and Moana enthusiasts from dressing up as the newest Disney animated heroine this October. In Moana, the protagonist is a kickass Polynesian princess who goes on an adventure to recruit demigod Maui and fulfill her destiny. She's just a young, teenage princess looking to prove herself. Oh, and she happens to be BFFs with the ocean. It's no wonder why girls and women everywhere want to be Moana for a night, and, lucky for you, I know exactly how to dress as Moana for Halloween.

As a Polynesian princess who connects with the ocean, Moana's look is casual and, honestly, not super covered. Don't get it twisted: Moana isn't just another Disney princess in a sexy bathing suit (sorry Jasmine), but she's definitely not wearing clothes one might need in order to keep warm while Trick or Treating. Being cold on Halloween night isn't necessarily a deal breaker (trust me — I've dressed as Pocahontas more than a few times), especially if you live in warmer climates and/or are going to a party instead of door-to-door. That said, if you're warm enough, or if you just love Moana enough (and who could blame you), here's everything you need to be Moana this Halloween.

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1. A Grass Skirt

Moana wears a plain, grass skirt in the film. It is hidden under a white wrap, but it's definitely there. If you want something short, but easy to wear, check out this mini grass skirt.

Grass Skirt, $7, Amazon

What makes this skirt different from others is that it actually comes with an elastic waistband (versus a grass skirt that you tie around your waist), so it might be easier to wear.

2. A White Wrap Skirt

The white overlay Moana wears is a bit trickier. It's got flower embroidery and a crochet fringe at the bottom, making it tough to replicate without sewing skills. However, there are a few options if you're OK with not being entirely accurate. Perhaps the most obvious solution is to get a white sarong, like this one from Amazon, and tie it around your waist over the grass skirt. It doesn't have the flowers, but the general idea is the same, and you can always use it as a beach cover-up once it's summertime again.

White Sarong, $15, Amazon

If the flower detail is important to you, check out this white crochet table runner.

Crochet Table Runner, $9, Amazon

Sure, it's meant as decoration in the dinning room, but nothing says it can't be repurposed as a wrap skirt.

Pro tip: if you're worried about getting cold, invest in some flesh-colored tights to wear under your skirt.

3. Red Tube Top

Moana wears a sort of red bandeau top that appears to be a wrap of fabric. Now, if you like your costumes to be as simple as possible, this red tube top with lace detail from Abercrombie and Fitch is a good and easy substitute.

However, Moana does appear to be wearing a belt made from the same fabric as her top, so, if you want to stay true to her look, grab a couple of yards of red or pink fabric — whatever you can find that you think best suits Moana — and cut it into a piece long enough to wrap multiple times around your chest and torso, leaving enough fabric leftover to tie around your waist.

Metallic Red Fabric, $15/ yard, Joann

This fabric from Joann is great because it has a small, metallic pattern that gives the look some texture — just like Moana's own top! Just secure tightly with safety pins and/or fabric and body tape and you've got yourself a glam Moana look.

4. Seashell Necklace

Moana wears a seashell pendant necklace that is pretty hard to replicate with cheap, Halloween-appropriate jewelry, but there are a few inexpensive options. First, if you want an actual, authentic shell, there's this simple necklace from Aloha Hula Supply.

If you're looking for something a bit more convenient, try this Venetian Murano glass pendant.

Glass Shell Pendant, $15, Amazon

5. A Paddle

Obviously, unless you have an actual canoe paddle, you're not going to be buying one for Halloween. However, since Moana's paddle is wooden, I recommend picking up a cardboard box, like this 18x18x24 inch one from Home Depot and cutting out your own.

Bonus: if you make your own paddle out of cardboard, it will be much lighter than the real thing.

Trust me, Moana in training, you'll thank me once you've started on your quest for candy.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy (4); briannathestrange/tumblr (2); Amazon (4); Aloha Hula Supply; Joann; Abercrombie and Fitch; Home Depot