Pizza-Flavored Lollipops Are A Thing That Exist

Looking back into our nation's history, lollipops have somehow wound their way into a variety of questionable situations. For example, they are handed out to begging children who go door to door on Halloween. They are also the first things you get after a doctor stabs you with a needle at your yearly check up. Now it seems as though this tiny treat is on its way to an even weirder and more interesting journey — pizza-flavored lollipops. They look like tiny balls of pizza on sticks, and they taste like the most delicious food on the planet.

Pizza is so irresistible, some women have even used dating apps to get men to buy a slice for them on dates. That's how good pizza is! We as humans put our animalistic desires for companionship on hold, in order to eat what many consider to be a perfect food. It's no wonder people are catering to that urge with awesome new products. Some are making reheating tools for the morning after you've gorged on a pizza, while others like Pizza Hut are coming up with cool grilled cheese crust innovations to stay ahead of the competition. Keep going, you guys — America and the American people need you to keep innovating.

The future is clearly in the confectionary world, because a company called Lollyphile is changing things up in a major way. Their website features over 30 out-of-the-box flavors — including their brand new creation, the pizza-flavored lollipop.

This eight dollar marvel is the result of someone at Lollyphile suggesting, "How about pizza?" during a brainstorming meeting. I'd like to know who this person was specifically because they are a national food hero and deserve heaps of praise.

The actual lollipop does strangely resemble a slice of pizza. The pepperoni marbling and the off-white cheese colors are all there! But this is not the weirdest flavor the company has pushed out. There are so many more! Absinthe, blue cheese, breast milk, horchata, and Sriracha are just some of the other flavors offered on their website. While most of the items sold seem like they can work as a candy, the previously mentioned ones are putting me on the fence. Admittedly, I am intrigued about the breast milk one — only because Friends taught me that breastmilk tastes like sweet cantaloupe juice. That just seems like a great flavor for a lollipop.

Hopefully the company will keep pushing out innovative creations, because I'm ready for a taco flavored lollipop myself.

Images: Lollyphile