12 Feminist Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you and your girl gang looking for the perfect Halloween costume, one that is fun, empowering, and inspiring — basically everything you and your friends are? This list of feminist group Halloween costumes is just what you need. From musical groups to crime fighters, you can be anything you want to be.

Every Halloween, you see the same group costumes again and again. There's always one crew from The Wizard of OZ, a bunch of Crayola Crayons walking around free from their box, M&Ms of every color, and plenty of punny party animals. If you're dressing up with all women, the group costumes get even more predictable and usually include dozens of Disney princesses, several sets of Charlie's Angels, the cast of Mean Girls, a group of calendar girls, and a whole bunch of matching "sexy" occupations. Aren't you sick of the same old costumes again and again? I know I am, and I also know it's about time the group get-up got a feminist twist.

Forget the boring, overdone group costumes of years past and get ready for something different this year. Grab your girl gang and get ready for a fun night out with these 12 feminist group costumes perfect for an empowered Halloween.

1. Superheroes

Move over, Batman, there is a new group of kick-ass superheroes in town, and they come with ovaries. From Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel to Batgirl, there are enough female and feminist superheroes for you and your whole crew.

The best part about this group costume is how easy it is to put together. All you need is a superhero costume of your choice, which you can easily order online, like this Wonder Woman t-shirt ($9.39, Amazon) or this full-on Batgirl wing dress ($16.99, Amazon). If you're more of a DIY kind of person, have your whole crew dress in matching pants and DIY t-shirts with each of your superhero's emblems on them. To make them, print logos on transfer paper ($9.98, Amazon) and iron them onto color-coded t-shirts ($3.33, Michael's).

2. The Final Five

Want your costume to radiate female power and patriotism? Then dress your girl squad as the Final Five from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

A group costume that is both easy to put together and comfortable to wear, the Final Five will require Olympic branded sweatshirts ($31.50, Amazon) and matching blue sweatpants, American flag bodysuits ($15.99, Amazon), and plenty of gold medals ($4.90, Amazon).

3. Pawnee Goddesses

Does your girl gang like arts and crafts, camping, and puppy parties? It sounds like you're a Pawnee Goddess Troop in the making.

Another simple DIY costume for the whole group, to become Goddesses, you need purple uniform vests ($5.95, Amazon), green bandanas ($2.49, Amazon), and plenty of cool feminist pins and badges, like the "Not Your Bae" pin ($3.77,

4. The Many Looks of Beyonce

If your group is arguing over who gets to be Queen Bey for Halloween, don't worry — there are plenty of iconic looks to allow each of you to become your feminist hero.

There are a million different ways to pull off Beyonce's many looks, so you're going to have to pick your favorite and run with it. Some easy DIY versions include her "Formation" look, which requires a black off-the-shoulder dress ($35, Amazon) and a wide brimmed hat ($49, ALDO), her "Hold Up" look, which requires a ruffled mustard dress ($17.20, Amazon) and a baseball bat ($14.27, Amazon), and her "Feeling Myself" look, which requires a Bulls bodysuit ($5.99, Amazon) and a faux fur jacket ($22, Amazon). With all of these outfits, you're going to want gorgeous hair, flawless makeup, but most importantly, plenty of confidence.

5. Feminist Barbies

Long before there was the Barbie revolution that brought new body shapes and colors to the dolls, there were plenty of sexist versions like Babysitter Barbie, who came with a weight loss book, and Teen Talk Barbie, who said things like "Math class is tough!" Turn the old Barbie tradition on its head by embodying a different kind of doll.

From Suffragette Barbie to Planned Parenthood Barbie to President Barbie, there are a million different ways you and your group can go with this idea. Put together the fun, feminist outfit of your choice using things like Planned Parenthood t-shirts ($15, Planned Parenthood), power suits and formal business dresses ($29.99, Amazon), and suffragette outfits including long skirts ($18.99, Amazon) and ruffled shirts ($16.99, Amazon). Pull it all together with DIY pink sashes ($5.82, Amazon) decorated with your Barbie's label, and in no time, you have an entire crew of feminist dolls ready to conquer the world.

6. 9 Supreme Court Justices

When asked when she thought there would be enough female court justices, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously said, "when there are nine." If you happen to have a girl gang nine women strong, you could make Notorious RBG's dreams come true.

This powerful statement costume is easy to pull off, because all you need are black judge robes ($15.95, Amazon). If you want to add some personality to them, you can style them with a lace collar ($4.48, Amazon), pearl necklaces ($7.99, Amazon) and other jewelry, and novelty judge gavels ($5.57, Amazon).

7. Feminist Care Bears

Similar to the feminist Barbie doll idea, feminist Care Bears take a toy from childhood and infuse it with serious girl power. Get ready to get creative.

First thing you have to do is pick your feminist Care Bear names. Some clever and easy-to-design ones include Pro-Choice Bear, Girl Power Bear, and Pride Bear. To make costumes that match, take different colored basic t-shirts and DIY logos using transfer paper ($9.98, Amazon) and an iron, and different color t-shirts ($3.33, Michael's). Finish the look by drawing a heart over your noses with costume makeup ($7, Amazon) and bear ears ($4.88, Amazon).

8. Suffragettes

Whether you have a group of five or 50, this group costume is perfect for feminist best friends who refuse to repeal the 19th.

For this look, you and your protest group will need long skirts ($18.99, Amazon), ruffled shirts ($16.99, Amazon), brimmed hats ($15.99, Amazon), and DIY sashes ($6.58, Amazon) with "VOTES FOR WOMEN" written on them. Feel free to add in picket signs and create chants of your own.

9. Sailor Moon

Another set of amazing female superheroes, Sailor Moon and her squad make the perfect costume for you and all your ass-kicking BFFs.

You can have your own Sailor Moon costume ($15.99, Amazon) with the click of a button by ordering it online. If you want a DIY version, you're going to need different color pleated skirts ($11.95, Amazon), white shirts, sailor collars with bows ($10.99, Amazon), and Sailor tiaras ($17.89, Amazon).

10. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusting isn't an old boys club anymore. Now, you and your girls can kick serious poltergeist ass for Halloween, too.

Order your very own Ghostbusters costume ($41.48, Amazon), and in one simple and comfortable suit, you and the whole crew are as cool as the ladies of the latest film.

11. A Coven

One of the most powerful feminist groups in history, witch covens are the perfect intersection of Halloween celebrations and girl power.

To create your own, you're going to need all black everything. Think lace dresses (29.90, Forever 21), velvet tops ($12.45, Amazon), big scarves ($4.18, Amazon), and plenty of ruffles and layers. Add in some pointy witch hats ($6.05, Amazon) for good measure, and your coven is ready to magically make misogyny disappear.

12. Zombie Killing Bennet Sisters

If you're dressing up with your book club, then go as the feminist, ass-kicking, zombie-killing Bennet sisters of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Get ready to get bloody.

For this costume, you and your girls will need to travel back in time. Think long, ruffled dresses ($25.99, Amazon), corsets ($3.99, Amazon), white gloves ($3.90, Amazon), and piles of pinned curls atop your head. Cover yourself in fake blood, and take to the streets ready to kick some serious zombie ass with your sisters.

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