'AHS: Roanoke' Continues To Reference Past Seasons

Creating any successful television show can be a difficult task even for the greatest of writers, but Ryan Murphy's creations have a way of going above and beyond the norm, particularly in regards to his highly popular anthology series American Horror Story. Not only does each season rank high on the scare factor, but they also provide fans with some highly entertaining detective work. Back during Season 4, Murphy revealed that all seasons of American Horror Story are connected in some way or another and from then on, fans have made it their mission to solve the mystery behind the madness. In what ways do the seasons connect and why? So it should come as no surprise that Season 6 is no exception. In fact, you can find multiple AHS references from past seasons on Roanoke already and we're only just hitting the halfway mark.

Now granted, it takes a true diehard fan of the series to be able to pick out the ever so subtle nods to former seasons. Some are more obvious than others, but either way it just further proves how intertwined these seemingly separate seasons truly are. So let's journey back together and see the many various ways Murphy's genius has once again shown through on AHS: Roanoke.

The Mott Mystery

Last Wednesday, Elias mentioned that the original creator of the Roanoke farmhouse was actually Edward Felipe Mott, who was the first to ever disappear on the property. Odds are he has to be related to Dandy and Gloria Mott, whom we met back during the days of Freak Show. Maybe there's something about his ancestry that will help explain Dandy's serial killer tendencies and his penchant for tighty whities.

Jiminy Cricket

This Season 6 favorite may no longer be in the land of the living, but that doesn't mean he too doesn't share close ties to former seasons, particularly in regards to his former Coven character, Quentin. In fact, they could very well be the same exact person. Between their affinities toward the supernatural (Cricket being a medium and Quentin being a warlock) and their New Orleans address, it's very possible that Cricket was one of Quentin's aliases that he uses whenever he feels it necessary. Either way, it's a great nod to Coven nonetheless.

Pig Out

Pigs have proven to play a prominent role throughout Roanoke so far, but the one thing that really stands out is the terrifying Piggy Man that is a clear shout out to Ben Harmon's patient in Murder House who was in constant fear of getting attacked by that very creature.

Live! With Billie Dean Howard

While the theory has yet to be confirmed, many fans believe the true crime aspect of Season 6 will eventually connect back to Murder House and Hotel psychic Billie Dean Howard, who not only introduced the story of Roanoke in Season 1, but also starred in her very own TV series centered around the undead. So the ongoing use of this docu-series set up could be a hint of her eventual involvement.

Paging Nurse Ratched

OK, so that's definitely not either of their names, but you get the idea. Seeing these two evil nurses introduced on Roanoke definitely resurrected some serious Murder House vibes to the two nurses who were brutally killed in Murder House by an intruder.

The Ghostly Visitors

Just in general, Roanoke is very similar to Murder House in that there are ghosts constantly popping up when you least expect them either in the house itself or on the grounds, forever destined to haunt their respective properties until the end of time.

The Tragic Miscarriage

Both Vivien Harmon and Shelby Miller suffered the worst thing any expectant mother could go through: losing their baby. In fact, this is what caused both of them to move in the first place. Little did they know how much they'd end up regretting that impromptu decision.

As you can see, Roanoke is pretty much drowning in AHS ghosts from season's past. And knowing Murphy like we do, I bet we're only just getting started.

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