How To Get A Catch Bonus In "Pokemon Go"

Trainers recently learned that Niantic's latest update to "Pokemon Go" would give value to their medals in a way that would make it easier for them to continue catching more Pokemon — a "catch bonus." Many trainers have therefore been hard at work figuring out how to get a catch bonus in "Pokemon Go" — but it turns out there really is no magic trick behind it. Catch bonuses give you a boost when you earn a medal based on catching multiple Pokemon of a specific kind, which means you pretty much just have to keep playing the way you always have; you're simply rewarded more for your efforts. Neat, right?

Previously, medals didn't really mean anything; they just gave you a few shiny badges on your profile. Catch bonuses, however, give you a reason to catch as many of one type of Pokemon as you can. As you catch more, your cash bonuses increase. The catch bonuses are the same regardless of the type of Pokemon you've caught or the medal you received for it. You must catch 10 to reach the Bronze level, which is a +1 bonus. Catch 50 and you hit Silver, which is +2. Catch 200 and reach Gold, which is +3.

So, in a nutshell, your goal should be to catch as many Pokemon as possible, especially if you know that you're nearing the next catch bonus. Here are just a few of the medals you can get that will result in catch bonuses; you can find a full list of medals and their catch bonuses here.



In order to receive a Kindler medal, catch Fire type Pokemon, such as Charmander, Vulpix, and Ninetails. Get the bronze medal and bonus for catching 10 Fire Pokemon; the silver for catching 50 Fire Pokemon; and the gold for catching 200.



Get a Schoolkid medal for catching Normal type Pokemon — like Eevee or Porygon. 10 Normal Pokemon get you to Bronze; 50 get you to Silver; and 200 get you to Gold.



To get the Swimmer medal, you obviously need to catch Water type Pokemon, like Squirtle or Psyduck. 10 Water Pokemon get you to the Bronze level and bonus, 50 to Silver, and 200 to Gold.



This one is pretty obvious. Catch 10, 50, or 200 Psychic type Pokemon to reach their respective levels. This includes Pokemon such as Abra and Kadabra.

Punk Girl


Grab the Punk Girl medal by catching Poison type Pokemon — 10 Poison types for Bronze, 50 for Silver, and 200 for Gold. A couple examples are Ivysaur and Bulbasaur.

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