Alert: A Sexy Poop Emoji Halloween Costume Exists

All right, gang, it's nearly Halloween, which means one thing: You need to be working on your Halloween costume, STAT. Worried you've run out of creative ideas? Worry no more because, as luck would have it, you can purchase a "Sexy Poop Emoji" Halloween costume for all of your party related needs. That's right: Not only can you dress up in an emoji-inspired Halloween costume, but as a "sexy" emoji. And the much-beloved poop emoji, at that. It's definitely proof that we've reached peak... something.

There are a number of poop emoji Halloween costumes already on the market. You can find full-body poop emoji costumes at both PartyCity and Amazon, for example. Unsurprisingly, you can also find many variations of the poop emoji costume from Etsy sellers. If you are not ready to entirely commit to the idea, you can even purchase poop emoji Halloween hats from retailers including PartyCity. So, regardless as to whether you prefer sexy costumes, full coverage ones, or just the hint of one, there's a poop emoji costume out there for you.

This particular version of the costume retails for $57.97 at, and yes, you can have it shipped directly to your door. Per the item description: "Sexy Poop Emoji costume featuring a brown romper with a high neck, a sheer neckline, a back hook closure, a low cheeky cut back, and a plush poop emoji applique."

It's important to point out that when it comes to Halloween (or any day of the year), no one needs permission to dress "sexy." The issue or problem is never that someone chooses to wear a "sexy" costume or outfit, but more so that sexy costumes are often presented as the only option available, particularly for women — and what's more, despite the fact that our options have been so limited, we're often still shamed for dressing in sexy costumes on top of it all. The bottom line is, if you want to be a sexy firefighter or a sexy nurse, go ahead! If you want to be a "non-sexy" firefighter or nurse, that is more than valid, too! Halloween is about having fun, expressing yourself, and yes, sometimes dressing up as a different person for the night.

Or an emoji. Whatever floats your proverbial boat.

Whether or not you want to incorporate certain ideas about "sexy" into that is entirely your choice, and it's valid either way. It's worth noting, too, that we all have different ideas about what it means to be "sexy" — you could certainly feel sexy in a costume or character without that being the way the costume is advertised, for example.

Halloween is all in good fun and a sense of play, anyway. After all, is dressing up as an emoji really any more bizarre than dressing up as a banana or dinosaur? I think not. And while the "sexy" poop emoji costume may feel a little over-the-top compared to other options, it is nothing if not hilarious — and there is nothing wrong with that!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Images: Emojipedia;; Giphy