New Kim Kardashian & Kanye West ‘Vogue’ Photo Features A Very Concerned North West — PHOTO

After the cover to end all covers was revealed on Friday, there has been much talk about whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West should have been on Vogue. Much of this is pretty intriguing — Was Anna Wintour bribed? Was Kim not allowed to pose on the cover alone? Should we all side with Buffy? — but really, at this point what's done is done, so maybe we should just move on and make fun of the photos inside instead. In a newly released photo of Kimye's Vogue shoot, Kardashian and West pose with their daughter, North West. North is naked but that's totally cool because she's a cute little baby and Kardashian's hand is covering her butt. And you better believe Kardashian is wearing her giant engagement ring in the picture. North West won't let her butt be covered by any old hand!

The best thing about North's contribution to this photo is the expression on her face. Really, the best thing about the entire photo is the expression on North's face. North looks totally concerned about her surroundings. If she's embarrassed by this picture later in life, she can just point out how skeptical she looked even as a baby.

So what exactly is North thinking that made her furrow her brow so intensely? Here's a couple ideas:

"Ah! The metal on this ring is soooo cold! Mom, can you please put my diaper back on?"

"Is that really Annie Leibovitz? Finally a professional! I'm used to taking selfies with Miss Wedding Gown over there."

"I know dad says he invented leather jogging pants, but does he really have to wear them ALL THE TIME?"


"Ugh. If only I could talk I would've told Annie this isn't my good side!"

"Why is Kris Jenner here?"

"Oh no. Suri Cruise is going to kill me for stealing her thunder."

"Really, Anna?"

"Are we sure this isn't for In Touch?"

Kardashian told Vogue , "I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up. I put Kanye's big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, 'What up, Daddy?'"

Hmm... I'm thinking North's disbelief at not posing for another selfie might be our winner.