When Can You Buy Flirt CHICers? This Is When The Temporary Makeup Tattoos Are Available — PHOTOS

Flirt Cosmetics rebooted with an edgy innovation — the Flirt Flashes false eyelash applicator, which takes some practice in order to use correctly. The brand is doing super fun, non-standard things — sorry, no new lip gloss shades or eyeshadow textures here! That's practically snooze-worthy for Flirt, which also boasts a loud, bold, and beautiful aesthetic with its packaging. Flirt is now doing temporary makeup tattoos aka Flirt CHIers. That's Chic + Stickers and it = CHICers.

No, these are not faux designs meant to be placed on your arm, ankle, or neck, although you can use them that way if you wish.

CHICers are temporary, stick-on beauty tattoos, from eyeliner designs to stars. When and where can you buy the Flirt's faux makeup tattoos?

Well, they are available right now via the Flirt site. What do you get? Well, a sheet of Flirt CHICers is $18 and contains 10 pairs of eyeliners, 1 set of Lash Effects, 20 dots, 16 stars, 15 hearts, four moons, and four lips. So there are lots and lots of designs to play with and to use to play up your eyes, lashes, and face.

Instead of applying liquid liner, messing it up, removing it, and then reapplying it in order to achieve a perfect cat eye flick, you can affix one of the CHICers to your upper lash line and BOOM! You're dunzo. You can create tons of dramatic looks with these face stickers.

These are fake, zero committment, peel-off makeup tattoos.

I have to give credit where it's due. Flirt really is reinventing the way we do makeup, keeping it fun, playful, and innovative.

I mean, how easy is it to peel of an eyeliner sticker, plunk it on your face, and go about your day. It's no fuss, no mess, and offers easy removal!

Flirt's CHICers look super fun. You can go crazy and create outrageous and unusual looks without a care in the world. If adult coloring books, which are amazing, are a thing in 2016, adult makeup stickers can be a thing, too!

Images: Flirt Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Flirt (2)