This Is The Best 'GoT' Season 7 Spoiler Yet

With filming underway, there is no shortage of Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers these days. While all of the on set secrets are exciting, the latest rumor reported by Watchers on The Wall is the best one yet. If you fear spoilers like Melisandre fears R'hllor then turn back now. According to Watchers on The Wall, Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham, and Emilia Clarke were spotted filming scenes together in Spain. That's right, Ser Davos, Brienne, and Daenerys could be the next characters to meet.

If the thought of Brienne of Tarth hanging out with the Dragon Queen does not have you freaking out, you need to sort out your Game of Thrones priorities. This news could mean so many things for Season 7, but the two big reveals are that Daenerys and her army make it to King's Landing, and the Starks could be the first major players to reach out to her upon her arrival.

Brienne and Ser Davos are on Team Stark, and, given how much trust Sansa and Jon have for the two of them, they would make the perfect envoys to reach out to Daenerys on the Starks' behalf. Jon is sure to see Daenerys and her dragons as much needed assets in the war against the White Walkers. If he can forge an alliance with Daenerys before she gets too distracted with overthrowing Cersei, Jon and the North will be in a better position to stave off the army of White Walkers heading toward Westeros.

Strategical alliances aside, the prospect of seeing Brienne and Daenerys together is the most exciting part of this development. Brienne and Daenerys are two of the show's greatest warriors. There is no way Daenerys is going to meet Brienne and not immediately want to recruit her. These two women are used to defying expectations, and I cannot imagine a scenario where they would not see each other as kindred spirits. Their conversation is one I want to hear.

After six seasons of Daenerys being almost completely isolated from Westeros, it seems fitting that one of her first meetings upon returning home will be with Brienne. These are two characters who have no direct link, but who are sure to share an emotional connection and mutual respect. Brienne and Ser Davos are both honest, good people — a rarity in Westeros — and if anyone can make Daenerys understand the gravity of the situation brewing in the North, it's them.

There is one more piece to this spoiler that demands to be discussed: it appears the location in Spain where the scene was filmed is standing in for the Dragonpit. The Dragonpit is described in the A Song of Ice and Fire series as a place built to house the royal dragons of the Targaryen family. A war between the Targaryens and the smallfolk resulted in the Dragonpit being burned and ultimately abandoned.

It would make sense for Daenerys to set up camp in the Dragonpit upon her arrival in Westeros. Even though the Dragonpit is basically a ruin now, it would still serve as a place for her dragons to stay. Since it's is also situated on top of a mountain, it would give Daenerys and her army an excellent vantage point to watch for attacks. If Daenerys has chosen the Dragonpit as her stronghold, it likely means that her attention is firmly on taking the Iron Throne.

Brienne and Ser Davos may be the only two people who can convince her to take one final detour before she takes the Throne for herself. Brienne can speak to Daenerys from one misunderstood warrior woman to another; the situation in the North is far more important than securing the Iron Throne. If Daenerys chooses to take her dragons and her army to stand with the Starks, then she will delay taking her rightful place on the Throne, but, in the long run, this move could make her beloved in the eyes of the people of Westeros. More than anything else, this meeting points to Daenerys having one more battle to fight before she can finally win the game of thrones.

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