6 Halloween Costumes That 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Never Think To Try

It's that time of year again — time to dress up as your favorite Game of Thrones character and eat all the candy. Some people also call this season Halloween. While I know it is tempting to reach into your closet and grab your Daenerys wig for the sixth year in a row, make 2016 the year you try a new Game of Thrones Halloween costume. Sure, it is going to take a little work, but it will be worth it when you stand out in a sea of Dragon Queens and Arya Starks at your annual Halloween party.

Personally, I am immediately turned off if a costume takes three hours worth of makeup and another three months to sew. Only the most devoted Halloween lovers have time for that kind of work. Instead of thinking on a grander scale, try a lesser known Game of Thrones character (or thing) instead. Westeros is a huge place full of characters, many of whom get little to no love when Halloween comes around. Take a risk and embody a lesser known character or even a non-character from Westeros — the Game of Thrones superfans in the room will appreciate your creativity, and you won't spend the whole night tripping over your floor length blonde wig.


Why be the Mother of Dragons when you can be the dragon? Putting together a Drogon costume is way easier than you think. All you need is a black bodysuit (or hoodie and tights) and a pair of wings, or a bat outfit like this one from Amazon. Remember, Drogon's wings are partly red, so put your DIY talents to use by adding red sequins for a scale-like look. Finish the look off with a fierce dragon mask, a distressed toy lamb (hey, a dragon has to eat), and a side of Drogon's fearless attitude.

Bat Suit, $30, Amazon

Red Sequins, $7, Amazon

Dragon Mask, $10, Amazon

Toy Lamb, $8, Amazon

Weirwood Tree

I bet you haven't thought about dressing up as a tree since your second grade play, right? Well, the weirwood isn't just any old tree. It's a gorgeous part of the North and a integral part of how the Three-Eyed Raven sees the past and future. To be a Weirwood tree, all you need is a white bodysuit (you will need tights with this option) or jumpsuit, lots of fake red leaves to attach to your costume, and weave through your hair, and a bit of white and red face paint to recreate the tree's bleeding face. I recommend painting your entire face white to match your body suit, and then add red streaks to make it look like you are weeping blood. The cool factor will be off the charts.

White Bodysuit, $20, Amazon

White Jumpsuit, $22, Amazon

Tights, $14, Amazon

Artificial Leaves, $10, Amazon

Face Paint & Brushes, $19, Amazon

Rickon Running From Ramsay

Poor, Rickon. The youngest Stark is also the most often overlooked member of the family. He made a brief comeback in Season 6 only to be murdered by Ramsay. Commemorate Rickon's final moments with a costume capturing his run from Ramsay — is it a little bleak? Sure, but it's Halloween, so it works. Just be prepared for people to tell you to zig zag all night long.

Putting together a Rickon costume is simple. You need a simple black dress, a dark sweater you don't mind distressing, and a faux fur drape to really capture Rickon's wildling look. If you want to go the extra mile, give your hair a wild curl for the night. To complete your ensemble add a fake arrow going through your chest, and then set out for a night of giving everyone flashbacks to the Battle of the Bastards.

Black Jersey Dress, $18, Amazon

Plus Size Black Dress, $24, Amazon

Knit Sweater, $20, Amazon

Faux Fur Collar, $10, Amazon

Fake Arrows, $9, Amazon

Brienne In The Bear Pit

This one is a bit of a throwback, but it adds an extra layer to your Brienne costume. To recreate Brienne's bear pit look you need a princess dress you can destroy with scissors, fake blood, and a wooden sword. Yes, it is that easy to turn yourself into Westeros' fiercest warrior.

Princess Dress, $40, Amazon

Wooden Sword, $8, Amazon

Fake Blood, $4, Amazon

Yara Greyjoy

Yara Greyjoy is hands down the coolest member of her family, yet she rarely gets any Halloween love. Perhaps it is because her amazing leather/armor combo looks too hard to pull off on a budget, but, guys, trust me, you can craft Yara's look without breaking the bank. Start with a faux leather trench coat over a simple black shirt and a pair of olive green jeans. Then add a costume breastplate on top of your shirt, and accent the look with a kraken pin just to drive home the point that you are a Greyjoy. If anyone asks where you got it, don't forget to tell them you paid the iron price.

Costume Trench Coat, $38, Amazon

Black Shirt, $10, Amazon

Olive Jeggings, $13, Amazon

Breastplate, $10, Amazon

Octopus Pin, $15, Amazon

Lady Olenna Tyrell

Everyone wants to be Lady Olenna, but no one wants to brave her expensive looking outfit. This is the year you get over your fear and dress as the wittiest woman in Westeros for Halloween. The look is actually quite simple: you need a light blue or green dress (your choice), a floral jacket, and a blue head scarf. If you want to add a little House Tyrell flair, add a rose pin to your jacket, and then start tossing out sassy comments.

Dress, $20, Amazon

Plus Size Dress, $24, Amazon

Floral Jacket, $27, Amazon

Floral Jacket, $17, Amazon

Blue Scarf, $8, Amazon

Flower Pin, $10, Amazon

Now, go forth and conquer Halloween with a Game of Thrones costume no one else will be wearing.

Images: HBO (7); Amazon (28)