Will Regina Die On 'Once Upon A Time'? It May Be The Only Way To Defeat The Evil Queen

Rumple warned us all along that all magic comes with a price and no one has felt the true effects of that sentiment better than Regina on this Sunday's Once Upon a Time episode "Strange Case." Because while a majority of the hour was spent learning all about Dr. Jekyll and Hyde's backstory, it also revealed once and for all how to kill the Evil Queen. You see, it turns out that it can be done, but at a terrible cost. It all became clear when Hook shoved a surprising evil Jekyll into a spear (in self defense, of course), killing him. As soon as the blade hit his heart, Hyde too felt the effects and also died, which means the two are linked. The only way you can destroy a doppelgänger is by killing the original. So does this mean Regina will die on Once Upon a Time ?

Regina has had one of the most significant storylines throughout the entire series, so I hate the thought of her life truly being in danger. Because this isn't just another battle with a dangerous villain. Knowing this information could make Regina try to be heroic and do what she thinks would be the noble thing: purposefully sacrificing herself for the greater good. I'd like to think that there's a loophole to this dilemma (I mean, there's always a loophole, right?), but if the Evil Queen continues to cause trouble, Regina may act prematurely and try to save them all while she still has a chance.

It has yet to be known whether or not the Evil Queen knows this vital piece of information. But now that her partner in crime is dead, it's only a matter of time until she puts two and two together, which could be used to Regina's advantage. After all, the Evil Queen would no longer have any power of her. She certainly can't threaten to kill her and she tried to harm anyone Regina loves, it would be the last thing she'll ever do. Suffice to say, it'll be interesting to see where this dynamic goes from here.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC