The 'GG' Revival Wedding Could Be In The Spring

by Michelle Lulic

Despite Lorelai's deep love for the winter, the latest posters for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life may just be hinting at the importance of a different season: spring. We'll be getting to see four whole seasons in the lives of the Gilmore girls — the four seasons in a year, not four new seasons of the show, sorry — and, in that year, there's a lot that needs to be covered. We need to catch up on everything from their career paths to their love lives to the status of their family now that Richard is gone. If the design of the spring poster is any kind of clue, that clue appears to indicate the Gilmore Girls wedding could be taking place in the spring.

Let's analyze. For one, spring is often a wonderful time of year for weddings. Flower petals falling from the sky, as they are on the poster, harken back to wedding decorations and flower girls. On top of that, Lorelai and Rory's poses hint at the probability of a spring wedding, too. Lorelai is holding her flowers in a way that make them look like a wedding bouquet and, while you can clearly see that Lorelai doesn't have a ring on her left ring finger, Rory is holding her hands (and her flowers) in a way that strategically covers her left ring finger.

It looks like Lorelai is there supporting and celebrating her daughter getting married, or teasing her own future nuptials. Or both.

Considering "Spring" is the second episode of the four-part revival series, the Gilmore Girls wedding happening in the spring would be very interesting. There would be time left for marriage hardships, another wedding, or even the pregnancy that many fans are hoping for. In fact, the entire revival series might not be leading up to the wedding. The ceremony could just be a piece of a year full of life-changing events for Lorelai and Rory. When looking at the rest of the photos from the upcoming revival, it seems like the spring is going to be eventful whether there's a wedding or not.

For example, based on the picture of Lorelai, Rory, and Emily at the graveyard, it seems like the girls will be paying their respectes to the late Richard Gilmore in the spring episode. What if their visit is connected to the possible Gilmore wedding? Family events are always hard without loved ones around, and a wedding is a good reason for family members to go and pay their respects.

Make sure you're mentally prepared for November 25. I'll be tuning in with a coffee mug in my hand and my tissue box ready.

Images: Robert Voets/Netflix; Netflix; Giphy